Household Toxins That Can Damage Your Thyroid

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Household Toxins That Can Damage Your Thyroid


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Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine create PSEUDO-HYPOTHYROIDISM, more on that in a second.

BROMINE:  Back in the 1970s bromine was added to our baked goods as bromate.

It helped to improve the elasticity of dough and make it rise.

Bromate is a banned food additive in many countries.

CHLORINE is in chlorine bleach, some swimming pools and PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) piping that is found in some homes.

FLUORINE is found commonly in fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated drinking water.


Do you remember the periodic chart of the elements that we all learned from in chemistry class?

Well, fluorine, chlorine and bromine are all in the same, “family” meaning column.

When elements are in the same family they are similar to one another.

The PROBLEM is that IODINE is also in the same family as fluorine, chlorine and bromine.

In fact,  the thyroid gets confused thinking that bromine, fluorine and chlorine are iodine and unfortunately absorbs them, leaving little room for iodine to get in.

Now, if iodine can’t get into your thyroid gland because the thyroid gland is now filled with bromine, fluorine and bromine then you can’t make thyroid hormone.

If you can’t make thyroid hormone in adequate amounts you now have, HYPOTHYROIDISM. 
However, in this case it’s really PSEUDO-HYPOTHYROIDISM because it’s not real.  It’s being caused by a toxicity of one of the 3 substances.

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