Hormone Influenced Weight Loss: Lose 3 to 7 Pounds of Body Fat Each Week

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About 25 years ago, the French Olympic coaches needed a way for their athletes to lose body fat fairly quickly and yet preserve muscle. They needed quick fat loss but they didn’t want their athletes to lose any muscle.  They turned to MD, PhD, Tran Tien Chanh.  In his research, Dr. Chanh found that hormones are much more powerful than calories when it comes to losing fat. Don’t believe him?  Did you ever see a skinny person eat all kinds of junk food and not gain a pound?  Man, I don’t like those people very much 🙂  In contrast, have you ever known someone that did everything right?  They ate perfectly, exercised perfectly but losing weight was a total struggle and had problems keeping it off as well.

To continue, Dr. Chanh looked closely at the hormone system and he found one of the most powerful of these hormones was insulin because of its incredible power to cause the body to store fat.  In addition, Dr. Chanh found that it was nearly impossible to burn fat in the presence of too much insulin.   Insulin, could not only make you fat but stop you from losing fat altogether.

So the culprit was insulin.  He continued his research and found if a person ate an exact ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats they would be able to loss 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each week.  I’ve used Dr. Chanh’s ratios with about 40 patients so far and found it to be very effective.   Our own Front Desk Receptionist Chuck Landrum, has lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks using Dr. Chanh’s ratios.  INCREDIBLE!!

Chuck is our Front Desk Receptionist and has lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks using the below system.

Now, this ratio of proteins to carbs to fats is very hard to do in real life.  Meaning, it’s not very practical.  Few of us have the time to prepare the foods exactly right.  If we had live in chefs then maybe we could find the time to prepare the food with the correct ratio.  So what Dr. Chanh did for the average, non-Olympic Athlete Movie Star type person like you and I, was to create prepackaged, tasty foods in this exact ratio.  This made Dr. Chanh’s system completely workable and helped the average person drop between 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each week.

The way the system works is you would eat 3 prepackaged meals each day and 1 of your own meals.  These meals travel very well.  Your meals are not expensive at all.  Really, all you are doing is replacing what you would normally spend on food and spending it on this correct ratio  food.  You simply stop by the office to pick up your food or we just  ship the food to your house.   This is NOT a Jenny Craig or a NutriSystem type of program. This system is specifically created to affect your hormones and causes the average person to lose between 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each week. Once your weight goal has been reached, you can now, step by step, go into a maintenance phase.  In maintenance, it is all about food combinations, which we will get into later….and yes you can absolutely keep the weight off.  There are a couple nutritional supplements that are recommended on this program as well, that are not at all costly.

We start you off with a 10 day starter pack of food.  This starter pack is a sample of many of the different food choices so you can see what you like and what you don’t.  We have email order forms to make reordering food very easy for you or you just come into the office and shop off the shelves.

This program is all about helping you to lose between 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each week while preserving your muscle.   It’s about supporting the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance and high cholesterol and helps a person obtain that youthful and wonderful feeling that occurs when you hit your ideal weight.

Please let me know if you have more interest and I can send you links for pics of the foods, food menus, as well as, the costs for foods.  We have a special right now where you can save $100.

You can also call the office and talk with Chuck Landrum and he explain more in detail how everything works, (770) 304-1500.

Most people are in love with this program.  They are so pleased to finally get the weight off and gain control of their body fat once and for all.

My Very Best,

Dr. Rob :).

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