Hormonal, Tired, Couldn’t Sleep, Joint Pain

Category: Insomnia/Sleep Apnea, Patient Testimonials • Jun 26 2008

My experience has been a very positive one. When I first came, I really didn’t know what to expect. I have been educated on how the body works, which has helped me to understand my care that I am receiving. The workshops are great to help with that.
I had so many problems. I was hormonal, tired all the time, could not sleep through the night, hot flashes, depressed, and aches and pains in my joints. With feeling and questions of  WHAT DO I DO TO GET BETTER? I feel I have found the answer.
After seven days on my program, I have lost eight pounds, my energy is improving, I sleep though the night, my vision is better and my joint pain is better. I am so excited about getting well. Now I have hope. One day at a time.


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