I really had several symptoms that were of concern before I came to Alternacare.  I have dealt with these symptoms for several years now and just chalked it up to “well, this is the way my body works” and accepted this mentality.  It wasn’t until I had a consult with Dr. Rob that I was informed my symptoms are not something I have to live with and that he could help me.   My main symptoms were chronic heartburn (regardless of what I ate, when I ate, or how much Zantac I took).  I had chronic dry eye and had been on Restasis for 1 year and still continued to have leaky eyes.  I had hair loss and I’m only 38 years old.  I tried every over the counter and expensive hair product that was advertised and nothing worked.  I had intestinal issues and would avoid certain foods.  I had excessive sweating and tried several deodorants.  I had weight gain (regardless of what I did I just could not lose weight).  For the 7 months prior to Dr. Rob’s program I was doing 60 minutes Pilates and 20 minutes of run/spring for 4 to 6 days a week and still the weight stayed on.  I was also not sleeping through the night.   At their worst my symptoms caused me to feel sluggish, embarrassed, fat, self-conscious and depressed.  I was short tempered with people and felt hopeless.

After coming to Alternacare and following Dr. Rob’s instructions all of my symptoms have improved tremendously.  I have lost 12 pounds so far, I’m off of the Zantac for my chronic heartburn and I have so much more energy.  My dry eyes are great now and my hair loss has stopped, in fact I have a full head of hair now!!   My excessive sweating is sooooo much better and I’m no longer self-conscious.  My sleep has defiantly improved too.  I’m so happy with my results and would definitely recommend Alternacare to my friends and family members.

Jodi Andrews


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