Health Benefits Pumpkin Seed

Category: Blog, Videos • Nov 14 2017

Health benefits pumpkin seed.
There are so many health benefits to the pumpkin seeds.  First off, the pumpkin seeds possesses a rare form of a vitamin that is almost exclusive to this seeds.  Meaning, you can’t find this vitamin anywhere else except the pumpkin seed and maybe a few other places.

The pumpkin seeds contains two key minerals that support immune function, and in fact, the pumpkin seed my stimulate natural killer cell activity.  However, don’t bake them longer than recommended.  Too much time in the oven can take away the health benefits of this seed and could produce potential cancer causing compounds.  So cook time is essential.
 health benefits pumpkin seed
However, some people do have trouble with pumpkin seeds because of the fat content.  These people typically have problems with their gallbladders and must be careful with consuming too many seeds.  The same is true for people with diverticulitis and diverticulosis.  The pumpkin seed can be contraindicated in both of these two cases.  Some people with gallbladder troubles may be ok to eat pumpkin seeds if they take lipase along with it.  The lipase will help to support the breakdown of the fat in the pumpkin seed, taking the stress off the gallbladder.
Aside from the above, pumpkin seeds have so many health benefits.  In the above video, I’ll cover some of the key ones.   Also, check out this amazing pumpkin pie recipe . I should let you know that this recipe is a favorite of mine for the holidays and Tuesdays, oh, and Fridays, Saturdays……  I think you get the point…..LOL.
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