Healing Your Gut – Weight Loss Secret

Category: Blog, Videos • Feb 13 2016

Healing your gut is an essential part of weight loss.  Constipation, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, IBS and more, can be an underlying cause to weight gain.  Dr. Rob covers more in the below video.  Please subscribe and share!

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Did you know that underlying causes of heartburn, indigestion, leaky gut, bloating, and constipation, can be slowing down your weight loss! When toxins like an H. Pylori infection, yeast overgrowth, fungi, parasites, and amoebas are in your body, it can cause major issues.  Finding the true underlying cause to these conditions and handling them, could help a person truly handle their weight and health issues once and for all.  If you’re struggling with weight loss, this could be the reason.  If there is any inflammation, the cortisol hormone will go up.  And as we know, cortisol is the leading fat-storing hormone in your body.

Here at Alternacare, we can find the underlying cause of your inflammation.  Which in turn, will help you lose weight!

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