Headaches, Fatigue, Depression – Kaylene Arnold

For the past 6 years I’ve suffered with headaches, continual moodiness and tiredness.
As a mom, I never had enough energy to play with my kids after working all day. I would actually want my kids to stay in daycare just so I could go home and sleep.
I would have migraines at least once a month, but I would keep a constant, nagging headache every single day.
I suffered with complete exhaustion!
I thought, “I am going to die!” I had been to my regular doctor, as well as neurologists and several other doctors, who put me on all kinds of headache medicines and anti-depressants. I always felt so fatigued even the days I didn’t have a headache.
The first day I began treatment at Alternacare, I felt better immediately! Later that night I was doing exercises with my 2 year old on the bed and my husband asked if I was on Acid because I had so much energy!I Never had the energy to do anything before, but now I can play with my kids and feel good again!
Since I’m feeling so good, I decided to cut down on my medicines! I feel like myself again!
Thank you!
Kaylene Arnold.

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