Hailey’s Disease (rare painful skin disease) 85% IMPROVED IN 1 MONTH! “I was in tears just about every day from the sores….”

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I am 38 years old and have been living with Hailey’s  disease (Chronic benign pemphigus), which is a skin disease, since the age of 17. I have also been on numerous antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and steroid medications over this number of years. This has left my body, that now it is somewhat immune to most antibiotics, in bad shape and with the number of steroids I have been on, left me with weight gain that no matter what I do I cannot get it off. Since starting the program with Dr. Rob (a little over a month ago)…..my sores, which is what the skin disease does, are almost 85% gone. You just don’t know what that means. I was in tears just about every day not only from the pain of the sores but I literally could not do much of anything because of where the sores were on my body.
My family would do things without me, which was my choice, because I was in so much pain. I felt confined to my house and most of the time laid on my back. This was not a life. Knowing that my body is getting healthy again is great.   From all the labs that were taken, my organs were in bad shape. Just to know that my body will be able to heal itself in the future without medications and knowing that I am no longer taking medicines that potentially harm my organs more is a blessing in itself. I want my body to be able to do what God made it to do. Heal it self. Thanks to Dr. Rob and his staff that is now starting to happen. Thank you so much. You just really don’t know how much. I am actually getting my life back again. WOW, it has been to long and I am ready.   THANK YOU, and God bless all of you for what you all are doing.

Donna Emerson.

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