I’ve had Haileys and Haileys skin disease for more that 38 years.  Over these years I’ve taken numerous antibiotics and topical steroid medications to keep this depilating rash, which really did not affect my life and social activities that much until the last 5 years.  I started getting terrible skin outbreaks and my skin would not respond to anything but prednisone to heal.  So then I was on and off prednisone but there came the point that even steroids didn’t work.  My rash was so extensive all over my body that it hurt just to move.  I developed MRSA infection and had to stay in the bed for a month.  I couldn’t do anything with my family and grandchildren; all I wanted to do was sleep just to get a break from the pain!  I could barely walk; taking showers were excruciating and brought me to tears.  I finally got through that episode after I took a new antibiotic and more prednisone and a different steroid cream.  I didn’t have relief very long though once I stopped the oral medications; my rash came back with a vengeance!  The experts in this disease just didn’t know what to do for me so I was given numerous medications including organ transplant drugs and chemo meds.  My skin responded to nothing.  I was hospitalized for a week, had MRSA again so I had to continue to fight that again!  By then I was so tired and weak from all of this my life had become “just get through the day.”  I couldn’t make any plans because I didn’t know if I could walk from one week to the next.  My routine became stop one medications, start another, blood test to see if my liver was ok, bleach bathes every day to keep the infection down, jars and jars and tubes of topical steroids, clothes sticking to my skin(when I did get dressed) and carefully having to peel them away from the blisters to get undressed.  The pain was horrific!  That routine was my life for so long.  I was very depressed, and just about to give up hope.  When the experts don’t know what to do for you that becomes very scary and sad.

Then my niece found Alternacare and Dr. Rob and how he had helped a lady with Haileys!  I thought maybe he can help me too.  Wow, did he ever!  My labs were awful so he started me on a regime to heal my whole body to get it healthy again.  After just 2 months on his program my skin started healing and I started feeling so much better and stronger.  Now I can play with my grandchildren again!  I can go places, plan events for the future, knowing my body is healthy again and can heal it’s self.  I still get some breakouts but they respond to steroid creams and heal without spreading.  This summer I went swimming in the ocean and pool with my grandchildren for the first time ever!  I have my life back!!  Thanks to Dr. Rob and his wonderful staff for helping me, treating me so kindly and their continued support.   I really don’t know what I would have done had I not found Alternacare to heal my body inside out.  Thank you all so very much for helping me and so many people.  You make me very happy and I’m spreading the word about my care at Alternacare.

Jan Graham.

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