Group Video Coaching Sessions with Dr. Rob

….a cost effective way to unstick stubborn weight problems, get your questions answered by Dr. Rob and improve your health and results.

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Exclusive Group Video Coaching Sessions, only for Alternacare patients that are designed to provide a cost effective medium, in which you can get all of your pressing and complex questions answered by Dr. Rob.  In addition, you’ll learn from the experience and questions of others in the group.

….gain 5X the knowledge and improve your results

Unstick weight loss blocks and improve your results.  We are expecting the average group session member to gain 5 times the amount of knowledge as a regular patient because of the amount of quality information that is typically shared in a group setting.  Mental Health Professionals have been using group therapy for years becasue it’s effective.

Dr. Rob is recommending that all patients and clients purchase at least one month’s worth of coaching……

Knowledge plays a vital role in results so we are recommending all patients and clients purchase at least one month’s worth of coaching as we really feel it will catapult their results.

How This Works

Similar to a webinar, you will see Dr. Rob on high quality video/audio and you’ll be able to converse with him by talking or typing your messages.

Receive direct one-on-one help while maintaining complete confidentiality…..

Your identity can be kept completely confidential if that’s what you choose, however, Dr. Rob will know who you are, and because he will have your full patient/client file in front of him, he will be able to answer any questions without disclosing your identity.

don’t waste time…..leave your computer and receive a text notification 60 seconds before your question is answered

Leave and come back option.  You can type your question, leave your computer and receive a notification text from us so you can come back to your computer 60 seconds before Dr. Rob is ready to answer.  This allows you to still cook dinner without having to sit in front of the computer the entire time.

75 to 90 minutes of coaching

Coaching session are limited to 20 people, will run 75 to 90 minutes and will start at 7 p.m. EST  2 Thursdays each month.  You’ll receive a link to access your recorded coaching session so you can reference it.

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Get your questions answered and receive immediate direction from Dr. Rob

During this video coaching session you can ask Dr. Rob anything you’d like, from general questions, to specific questions about your individual case.  In some cases, he will type up the recommendation and it will be available right in your patient portal.

Dr. Rob’s Coaching Gems

In additional to all the above, Dr. Rob will cover a new and fun educational topic each Group Sesssions.  These topics will last about 10 minutes and are designed to be educational gems that Dr. Rob has uncovered in practice.  These topics are not common and are not really discussed much on the internet.  They are Dr. Rob’s Coaching Gems.


  • Receive immediate answers directly from Dr. Rob to any questions or concerns that you have.

  • Unstick weight loss blocks and improve your results.

  • 5x your knowledge by learning in a group setting. You might not realize that other people’s questions and answers can be directly related to you.

  • Cost effective.

  • Access to your group webinar’s replay link so you can return and gain more knowledge or reference it when needed.

  • Your identify can be kept completely confidential.

  • Dr. Rob will have access to your patient file so it’s similar to having a visit with him.

  • Group therapy has been used for years by Psychologists and Counselors because it can be very beneficial.

Available Plans

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Monthly Group Coaching Subscription–You Get:

  • Monthly Group Coaching is Only $79/month

  • Save $20/month

  • Cancel at any time

  • Averages only $37/session

  • 2 coaching session every month

  • Unlimited replay of ALL coaching sessions you attend

  • 4 Webinars–Unlimited Replays

    • 5 Steps to Healing Thyroid Problems Naturally

    • How to Lose Weight for People that Can’t Lose Weight

    • 5 Brand New Steps to Enhancing Liver Function

    • Healing Adrenal Fatigue Natural with 5 Amazing Techniques

  • Also Includes

    • Most recent version of Dr. Rob’s Patient Handbook

    • Dr. Rob’s Liver Enhancement Guide

    • Dr. Rob’s Adrenal Stress Reduction Techniques

    • Dr. Rob’s Weight Loss Gems

    • Entrance into Dr. Rob’s Private Facebook Health Coaching Group

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Month Only of Group Coaching–You Get:

  • $99 for one month of coaching

  • 2 coaching sessions total in that one month

  • No cancelation required

  • 60 days unlimited replay of your 2 coaching session

  • Entrance into Dr. Rob’s Private Facebook Health Coaching Group

  • 2 Webinars–Unlimited Replays

    • 5 Steps to Healing Thyroid Problems Naturally

    • How to Lose Weight for People that Can’t Lose Weight

  • Most recent version of Dr. Rob’s Patient Handbook

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