Get Blue Berried!

Category: Articles, Blog, Health Articles • Jun 10 2013

Young Girl Get Blue Burried

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, blueberries were used by Native American Indians as part of their medicine.  In addition, there are claims that blueberries can help your memory stay stronger longer.  So getting old doesn’t have to be such a drag.  They are also a good source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C.  The AICR also reported that blueberries might reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, mouth cancer, stomach cancer and cancer of the esophagus.  I personally recommend eating a minimum of 1 cup of seasonal berries each day for optimal health.  They are great mixed with organic shredded coconut and plain Greek yogurt.  Yum!  If you can’t eat all your berries each day stop by the office and we have a supplement their that contain berries in it.

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