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Tuesday March 24th 7:00 PM EST

Leaky Gut & Immune Function 
The gut has trillions and trillions of microorganisms which play a huge role in the strength of our immune system.  Learn how to identify and heal from Leaky Gut to create an immune system that even Chuck Norris would be afraid of.

Understand the connection between the Coronavirus and Leaky Gut. 
There is an important connection between the Coronavirus and Leaky Gut that people need to understand.

The One Strain of Good Bacteria (Probiotics) that Everyone with Leaky Gut Must Have
I’ve not seen anyone talk about this anywhere and we need to start discussing it.  I’m not here to sell probiotics.  I’m here to provide the truth on the good, bad and the definite ugly strains of probiotics.

Thyroid Problems, Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalance
In certain instances people with gut problems can develop problems with their hormones, adrenal glands and/or thyroid gland.  I’m going to explain how to identify if this is the case and teach how healing the gut can possibly help the body heal hormonal problems.

Depression, Anxiety and Leaky Gut  
People really need to understand the guts role in neurotransmitter production to help chronic mood disorders such as, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD and more.

The Stress of Getting Healthy can Make A Person Sick
People can get so stressed about getting healthy that the very action of improving  their health makes them sick. Learn how to remove the negative stress inducers and pitfalls that can occur on the road to healing the body and losing weight.

The Inflammation & The Immune System
The connection here is a key one that when understood can take a person to a whole new level of health.

If the Probiotic Contains This Throw It Out Now!
There is one particular strain that can be harmful for people with leaky gut and may be connected to a specific health problem.

Key Nutrients and Nutritional Supplements that the Leaky Gut Case May Need.
There are certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and food based supplements that many people with chronic health and weight problems could benefit from.  I’m gong to cover some key ones that should be in most people’s supplement cabinet.

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Tuesday March 24th 7:00 PM EST

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