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We have worked with patients from 43 other US States and 23 other countries.

Distance is not a factor at all and our remote patients get wonderful results.

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  • We are a very busy clinic and ask for a deposit to reserve your space.

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  • Receive your Free Consultation and decide that this is not for you.  No problem.  We’ll refund you immediately.

TIME ZONE:  All appointments are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.  Please adjust for your time zone.

Example: 12pm in Georgia is 9am in California.  If you are in California and would like a 9am California time appointment, please schedule below for 12pm.

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  • For best results, in-office consultations are recommended.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Free Consult Online:

  1. You deserve to be healthy.

  2. If your body can’t easily lose weight with diet and exercise then there is something wrong with your body. This consultation is the first step in identifying the cause.

  3. Life is better when you are at an ideal weight and you are healthy.

  4. We really listen to you.  Our Naturopath or Certified Health Coach will talk to you for up to 30 minutes, and more if needed, a $50 value for Free!

  5. Your Deposit is 100% Refundable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are short, very direct videos, which answer the most frequently asked questions.  Additional questions may be emailed, called or texted to:

Public Relations Director, Bethany Chamblee.
Text: (678)633-1421
Call: (770)304-1500

Costs: How much does it cost?

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Time: How much time is required?

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Distance: Can you help me even if I live far away?

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Weight Loss: How can this program help me lose weight?

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Long-Term Health Problem: How can this program help with my long-term health problem?

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What is your Body Type?

Your body type might be the problem.

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