Foods That Are Medicine

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Foods That Are Medicine

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Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!

Well, if what Hippocrates said is true then, WHAT TYPE OF MEDICINE are you putting in your body?

Are sugary drinks or gooey granola bars healthy? Of course not

Foods That Are Medicine

I always try and think to myself, “Is what I’m about to eat going to contribute to my health or deduct from it?

If a person is already very healthy then I think if 90% of the time you can answer the above question with, “Contribute to your health” then I think most people will be OK.

However, if you are already sick or trying to recover from ANY chronic health or weight problem then I think 100% of the time the answer to that question has to be, “Contribute to your health.”


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Foods That Are Medicine

Below is a list of 6 foods that you want to be a staple in your diet:

Wild blueberries – They remove heavy metals from the brain

Cucumbers – Super hydrating-loaded with electrolytes

Shiitake mushroom  – Prevents cancer, UV-B enriched w/ vitamin D

Radish – Reduce heart disease & improve circulation

Oregano – Kills bacteria, yeast and viruses

Carrots – Binds to harmful cancer causing estrogens

There is just no room for play when it comes to food.  When you eat to contribute to your health you will have more energy, sleep better, and improve your overall wellbeing.

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