Fibromyalgia – Diane Golec

Category: Uncategorized • May 29 2008

DianeGolac.jpgFor years I had been suffering with Fibromyalgia and did not even know it. In the fall, I slowly started to have the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Finally, I had trouble walking, bending, picking things up, I had weakness in my hands and I couldn’t even turn my head.
I went to a doctor and got prescribed Altram, Prozac and other types of medications. No matter how much medications they prescribed me and no matter how much I took, the pain was still there.
I started coming to Alternacare Health & Rehab and after having had 3 weeks of treatment I started to see results. And once I saw the first set of results, more results started rolling in like a domino effect. Alternacare has given me my life back. Now I have no problems walking. I can pick up things,
bend, I don’t drop things anymore and I can turn my head.
Alternacare has really helped my life.

Diane Golac


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