Before I came into Alternacare I problems with weight gain, lack of energy, thyroid issues, knee and joint pain and my blood pressure was difficult to control.  I was taking pain and anti inflammatory medications, I was taking cortisone shots and I also worked with a personal trainer to try and alleviate some of my symptoms.  I didn’t want to do anything after coming home from work and I dreaded every time I had to maneuver stairs.   I also craved carbohydrates and sweets all of the time.  These problems really affected my life and when they were at their worst I didn’t care about going anywhere and only did what I had to do.  I had a negative attitude toward life in general because of this.  After receiving treatment I have made several positive improvements such as exercising more and becoming more socially active again.  I have stopped my blood pressure medications and I feel as if I’m my old self again.  I didn’t know the person I was for several years and I like me again.  I have lost 17 pounds; I have more energy I sleep soundly and through the night and wake up refreshed.   I would definitely recommend Alternacare to a family member.

Lisa Rice


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