MY SPIRIT WAS CRUSHED AND HOPELESS. Now = Depression Improved! Fatiuge Improved! Insomnia Improved!

……..Before the vitamins I was “down in the dumps” almost every day.  I woke up feeling exhausted – body, mind and spirit.  My body felt heavy.  My mind felt like I was up all night doing math problems instead of sleeping.  My spirit was crushed and hopeless.  I really felt like the world was a dark place.  During the day people would constantly say, “Melissa, smile.  It’s not that bad.”  This would just infuriate me.  I didn’t feel like smiling!

I was too tired to smile!  I was also too tired to talk so I avoided people as much as I could.  I wouldn’t even call or talk to my friends who have been in my life for years.  I just didn’t have the energy or desire.

I was married last year.  Since then the marriage has been difficult.  I have been very snappy and distant with my husband.  I was just too tired to carry on a conversation. When he would try to talk with me I just snapped or took things he said way too personal and it ended with us fighting.  I always blamed my ever-changing moods on hormones.  I had two children back to back and figured my hormone levels just hadn’t balanced out yet.

My mom suggested I at least fill out the survey and talk with you.  So I did.

When I first started taking the vitamins I expected a surge within and then a high of some sort.  That wasn’t the case though.  Instead I started gradually noticing things here and there.  Weeks went by and I hadn’t said “I’m tired.” I didn’t wake up feeling heavy.  I was practically jumping out of bed and excited to start my day.  My brain felt rested and no longer in a fog.  I also started feeling like life had so many possibilities and I could do anything I wanted!  My husband and I had more conversations and actually laughed again!  Then I noticed a glow to my skin.  Even the dark circles under my eyes decreased!  Then I started talking to people.  I have actually been friendly with my co-workers and super market attendants!  I talk to anyone now!  I feel like I have confidence.  I feel like my body has been restored!!!

I’m not 100% yet but I’m certainly getting there…………..Overall though, I feel great!

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!

Melissa Jackson


Part 2 of that story….because I have so much energy (not the kind coffee gives you) I have taken on a great deal of new responsibilities at work.  I am now in charge of planning our Christmas party in 2012 (consisting of 995 people), I am getting my A+ certification and then taking additional computer training classes.  I feel like the sky is the limit right now!  I don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed.  I’m excited!  I am looking forward to

these challenges!  Just wanted you to know 🙂

Melissa Jackson


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