THE MONSTER I FELT I WAS TURNING INTO HAS DISAPPEARED! IMPROVED: Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Sinus Problems

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I entered the door of Alternacare with some fear and intrepidation, as I had never been involved in holistic healthcare. My background knowledge centered on my research on the Alternacare website after reading the “body shapes” flyer that arrived in my home through a newspaper. I decided that I would try to read through the Healthcare Evaluation on the website to see if my symptoms were really valid. The more I read, the more I believed that I was all four body types and truly falling apart.
After filling in the evaluation, I received a personal phone call from Pam, who really listened to all of my ailments and convinced me that Alternacare could assist me with regaining my health back. I was struggling with fatigue, both physically and emotionally. I felt that deep depression was just around the corner and although I could recognize it, I could not fix it. I spent most of my night awake and rarely slept for two hours without waking up. I had sinus drainage so bad and year round that you rarely saw me without a Kleenex in my hand. My eating habits had not changed except that I was eating less and less, but I was gaining weight from somewhere around my abdomen and hip area. My sugar cravings were huge. I realize now that my body was trying to produce quick energy as I ate carbs and sugary products to make it through the day. I was struggling with hot flashes that made my day and my nights uncomfortable. I was either going crazy or falling apart.
As I entered Alternacare that first time, both Chuck and Stacey greeted me. Pam guided me through what to expect and answered every question. Then the day came when I met Nola and Dr. Poli. Both made me feel that my bag of symptoms was something they could help me with and that I had made the right decision to start this journey towards recovery. My first week, Dr. Poli focused on my sinus problems and my sugar cravings. By my second visit, I had drastically improved in both of those areas. The second week, Dr. Poli explained that my healing would come because of a good night’s rest, not intermittent sleep. I am thrilled to say that within two weeks my sleep was either uninterrupted or if I woke up, it was for moments instead of hours. I am now able to get up in the morning feeling fully rested and ready to face my busy and hectic day!
At this time (6 weeks on my personalized program), I have lost nine of the stubborn pounds that had fastened themselves to me and that two expensive diets could not remove. Reflux had been my constant companion before, but I now have no problems with it. My sugar cravings are so reduced that I rarely even feel tempted to splurge. And the hot flashes; all gone!!! The monster I had felt I was turning into has disappeared! My daily outlook is back to its positive self and my husband is becoming jealous of my weight loss and increased energy.
Not only did Alternacare provide a personalized program of recovery for me, they have provided a most amazing atmosphere of encouragement as part of their customer service. Chuck, thank you for being so personable by always remembering my name. Stacey, thank you for your patient help and assistance each time I check out. Pam, thank you for being so convincing and knowledgeable about this journey. Nola, thank you for your guidance and hugs! And most of all, Dr. Poli, thank you for your wisdom and expertise in providing a remedy that has given me the health to love life to its fullest.

Dr. Valerie Mathura

Principal and Pastor’s Wife


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