Extreme Fatigue and Back Pain – Karen Marlow

Category: Fatigue, Patient Testimonials • Jun 26 2008







For the past 3 years I’ve suffered with severe back pain. On certain times of the month I couldn’t get out of bed! I had unexplainable fatigue. I had horrible periods so heavy and irregular, my hormones were crazy! On top of all that, I was losing my hair and growing facial hair. I was having to shave my face all the time!
I had been to 7 different doctors to find out what was wrong; gynecologist, orthopedist, rheumatologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, and my primary care doctor. No one could tell me what was wrong. I left with prescriptions for anti-depressants, which I refused to take, birth control, I’ve had my tubes tied 12 years ago, pain pills and anything over the counter.
My husband got tired of me complaining all the time and called Alternacare Holistic Wellness Center. I saw 2 doctors, one for my hormones and one for my pain.
Dr. Rob diagnosed me with high testosterone before I ever mentioned to him anything about my hormones! He found I have a metal toxicity, along with several other things going on! I knew right away I was at the right place! Dr. Mike handled my pain within 3 visits! I can get out of bed and function like a normal person again! I’m not losing my hair anymore or growing any more on my face! I can now enjoy life and my kids! You guys are amazing!

Karen Marlow.

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