Exhaustion, Fibromyalgia – Sylvia Opsatnik

Category: Fatigue, Joint Pain/Arthritis, Patient Testimonials • Jun 26 2008

I had been suffering with Fibromyalgia for the past 4 years. I spent most of my time in the bed! I was barely able to go to the grocery store, and if I did I was too exhausted to put anything away once I got home. My health was started to affect everything!
My relationship with my spouse suffered, I used to drive everywhere I wanted to, but it became dangerous because I was so tired! My grandchildren used to call me the “fun grandmother,” but once I stopped being able to get out of bed, I lost that name.
Because of the severity of this problem, I began suffering with depression. My life had been taken away from me!
Growing up with 3 brothers, I never was allowed to cry, but this got the best of me and I would cry all the time!
I had been to the Fibromyalgia clinic and they tried all kinds of supplements, B-12 shots and I.V. treatment. I went there for 6 months, and still no better. I was also seeing a Pain Management clinic and they had me on all kinds of anti-depressants as well as pain medications. I had seen every doctor there was! I saw orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and had 9 surgeries. According to the medical doctors “I was in pretty good shape!” I was at my last rope.
I was 3 weeks away from having a pain pump inserted into my body until my husband came across an Alternacare newspaper. I started seeing them immediately! Dr. DeBease found I was having glandular problems, along with gastrointestinal issues (yeast overgrowth and a bacterial infection).
After only 6 weeks of treatment, I can get out of bed! I am more productive (painting rooms in my house), I can laugh again, I can plan things and actually follow through with them, and I have joy back in my life! My relationship with my spouse is better, I am helping my kids more, I can be the “fun grandmother” again, and most of all I got my life back!
I am so thankful y’all were called to do this! I can see how you are helping people first hand!

Sylvia Opsatnik


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