Thyroid Gland – How To Examine At Home

Category: Blog, Videos • Nov 4 2016

The thyroid gland is a vital part of your wellbeing.  In this short video, I’ll explain how you can perform a simple but effective thyroid home examination on yourself in the comfort of your own home!  I hope you enjoy this video and please share with someone you know that is suffering from thyroid problems.


Thyroid Gland


How to Examine the Thyroid Gland at Home

  1. Go to a mirror
  2. Place your finger on your Adam’s apple (or cricoid cartilage in a woman)
  3. Tilt your head towards the side of the thyroid that you are examining
  4. Gently move your finger to the same side your head is tilted, an inch or so
  5. Move your finger gently in an up and down motion checking for any lumps
  6. Thyroid should feel smooth and spongy


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