Enhancing Liver Function to Lose Weight and Heal the Body (Free Webinar)

Foods to Enhance the Liver’s Ability to Burn Fat
Certain foods can enhance the liver’s ability to burn fat while other so called, “health foods,” that people may be eating every day, can actually slow down the liver’s ability to burn fat. Dr. Rob will disclose the harmful liver foods and healthy ones help weight loss and overall health.

The Key Nutrients Needed 365 Days Each Year to Bring Balance to the Liver and Hormones.
Menopause, PMS, PCOS, low testosterone, low sex drive and general hormonal imbalances may be connected directly to poor liver function. Learn how to enhance the function of the liver to improve female and male hormonal balance.

Improving Liver Function to Improve Autoimmune Disease
Hashimotto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Lupas, scleroderma and many other autoimmune diseases can be directly connected to problems with the liver.   Dr. Rob will will teach attendees how to enhance liver function when autoimmune disease is present.  He will be taking questions on this topic for sure.

Learn how to Help the Liver Improve Thyroid and Adrenal Function.
The liver is intimately connected to thyroid and adrenal function.  In fact, some cases of low thyroid are nothing more than an unhealthy liver.  Dr. Rob is going to teach attendees how to help your liver so it can help the thyroid and adrenals function better.

Medical Labs are Normal but You Still Feel Bad
How frustrating is this one!  One knows something is wrong but the lab tests are normal.  Dr. Rob will cover why this occurs and how to truly look at the body so one can find the cause to their health or weight problem.

Visualization Techniques to Improve Liver Health
Dr. Rob is going to teach you how to apply some specialized visualization techniques taught to some types of cancer patients to improving the health of your liver.

And much, much more…

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