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Category: Children, Patient Testimonials • Feb 2 2009

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My 6-year-old son Micah had been suffering from ear infections and fluid in his ears for most of his life.  He already had one set of ear tubes put in by the time he was two.  When the ear tubes came out, he began having ear infections again.  Even when the infections cleared up he had fluid in his eardrums or eustachian tubes that was affecting his hearing.  When he got ear infections he would never have ear pain, so if he had the slightest sniffle I had to be vigilant and take him to the doctor. He had been on more rounds of antibiotics than I can remember. We had been to the ENT several times and they put my son on steroid nasal sprays to try to improve his condition.  The next step they wanted to take was another surgery, this time to remove his adenoids.  I did not want to go through with this surgery;  I felt that there had to be a less invasive way to get to the root of his problem.

I am so thankful that I found Alternacare when I did!  The week I brought Micah to Dr. Rob for the first time, we had just been to his regular doctor and he failed the hearing test in his right ear.  Dr. Rob got him on a supplement regimen specifically for his needs, and we had to make some dietary changes.  He also recommended that Micah see Dr. Poli for a few chiropractic adjustments.

The results have been beyond my expectations!  I have had his ears checked out at his regular doctor several times since we began coming to Alternacare. He is now off all of the nasal sprays and antibiotics, his ears have been fluid free, and he passed the hearing test in both ears.  I tell anybody and everybody who will listen that coming to Alternacare is a decision I am very glad I made.

Jennifer Hillman.

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