Dry Brushing: Weight Loss and Lymph Cleansing Technique

Category: Blog, Videos • Apr 6 2017

This Dry Brushing, Weight Loss and Lymph Cleansing Technique is vital to any Weight Loss and Detoxification program.”

In this video, Jean Deprano, the Fastest 80 Year Old Woman on Planet Earth, shows us the dry brushing technique that she has used for the last 15 years to keep her healthy.

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Dry brushing helps to move the lymphatic system and a healthy lymphatic system is key for weight loss, energy, hormonal balance, joint health and vitality.  Many people with autoimmune disease, joint pain and trouble losing weight should start a dry brushing protocol.  Here’s how it works.

dry brushing weight loss lymphatic detoxification

Lymph is a type of fluid that is produced by lymph glands.  You have massive amounts of lymph fluid in your body.  In fact, you have more lymph fluid in your body than blood.
The lymph is designed to help remove toxins that collect around the joints, breasts, prostate and other organs and glands.  However, the lymph fluid can become backed up like a car accident can back up a highway.
Subsequently this will reduce the lymph fluid from being able to remove toxins.  These toxins will accumulate in the fatty tissue and will slow or stop weight loss.
 They can also collect in the joints and contribute to joint pain, as well as, stimulate an autoimmune reaction.
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When you dry brush, it manually breaks up the congested lymph fluid and gets it moving again so the toxins can be removed from the body.
If you are doing my Lymphatic Detoxification Program then it’s best to dry brush first thing in the morning, jump in the shower and then follow up with an immediate glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it.  This opens up the liver, which will assist with detoxification and weight loss.


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Much love and happy dry brushing!
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