Dr. Rob’s Story: From Sickness to Health

Category: Articles, Blog, Videos • Feb 15 2022

Hey guys,

Dr. Rob here.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling that you are not yourself.  The feeling that you are not well enough to be the parent you want to be, to be the spouse you want to be or to be the person you know you are intended to be.  Unfortunately, when I was sick, I felt all those things.

I was out of work for 3 months, couldn’t be the dad, doctor, husband, church member or friend that I wanted to be.  I was always the strong one, and was there for everyone, and now I was there for no-one.  It was a horrible time in my life; where I really thought the end was near.

I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, miracle healer to miracle healer but, while some helped, no one could help quite enough.

That’s when I took matters into my own hands and realized that I helped people with these problems for years so it’s time to help myself.

Free Health Evaluation

See, I had some significant liver and gastrointestinal issues present that caused me to sweat all night long, to the point where I’d have to change my clothes up to 3 times a night.

As a result, I was only sleeping a few hours a night.  I became exhausted, shaky, anxious, extremely bloated, gained weight and I couldn’t walk more than a block without my heart rate going through the roof.  In fact, sometimes it took me 10 minutes just to walk up the stairs.   I was an absolute nightmare!

Luckily, through the correct functional and bioenergetic testing, I was able to determine things that were off in my body and bring myself back to health.

So if you are struggling with a health and weight problem let me say that I really do understand you.

Please know, that there IS A ROOT CAUSE.  Without question, there is something that is causing this problem for you.  The first major step is to identify what it is.

Free Health Evaluation

I developed this Free Online Weight Loss and Health Evaluation as a first step in moving a person towards finding the root cause to their health and/or weight concern.  Once we receive a person’s evaluation we then set them up for a free consultation with our Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy or our Certified Health Coach.

This consultation can be done over the phone or in person.  In that free consultation we can provide you with some guidance, where legally appropriate, and explain to you more about how we can help and any costs involved if you wanted to move forward and work with us.

In truth, I would love to be the one to help you but you making the decision to get your body well, and then doing so, is the most important thing.

If you are serious about improving your health or weight than take a second and fill out the free online evaluation.  I wish you much success on your healing journey.

Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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