Dr. Rob’s Constipation Squeeze Technique

Category: Blog, Videos • Oct 21 2020

Constipation is no joke and if you suffer with it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The straining, squeezing and time it takes out of your life trying to “get something done.”  More often than not, your “something done” is less than what you’d hope for.

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Now,  if you have constipation you definitely need to find the underlying cause and handle it so you are no longer plagued by this issue.  However, while you are figuring that out you may need some tools to assist you.

Various herbs, increase water consumption and herbs may be beneficial for some, while other need to visit their MD for an actual prescription. Well, here’s a pretty cool technique that may help constipation that could assist someone during troubled time.

So check out the above short video–less than 2 minutes to learn this technique.

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Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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