Dizziness, Vertigo and Back Pain – Helen Osborne

Category: Dizziness, Patient Testimonials • Jun 2 2008

About 6 months ago I started to have many strokes, which followed severe dizziness, vertigo and back pain. I couldn’t walk by my self. When I was at home I had to walk with a walker and when I was out in public I had to hold my husbands arm, just to get around. It didn’t matter if I was lying down or if I was sitting up, I was dizzy no matter what.
I went to different doctors and was prescribed 2 different medications for dizziness. Nothing helped me.
Then, I attended a health screening at Big Lots and that is where I met a representative from Alternacare Health & Rehab. The representative told me that maybe they could help me with my health problems. At 5:30 that evening after my first treatment, I didn’t even dare getting up without my husband around, because I thought I would fall. But I decided to get up and amazingly I was not dizzy. I felt better after my first treatment. The treatments I received here have helped me so much.
Helen Osborne.

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