Dizziness, Lower Back Pain – Anna Dovey

For approximately 15 years I had intense dizziness so bad I could not move about. I was awakened by it. Nausea came with it at times. I spent many days in bed or chairs. During these years I sought medical attention, nothing helped. These spells (I call them) were very frequent.
I discovered Alternate Holistic Health Care and went to them because I had a problem with my lower back. I did not mention the dizziness for I felt there was nothing could be done. Then one day I had an appointment I could not keep for I was again bed ridden dizzy. I took a later appointment and explained why I could not keep the appointment. Dr. Poli gave me some supplements and a back and neck treatment, at that time I was somewhat dizzy after adjustment, I stood up and I felt strange and my dizziness was gone. It has been a long time gone which to me is hard to believe but it’s true and I shall be forever grateful.
Anna Dovey.

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