Digestive Issues, Problems Sleeping, Hot Flashes all Improved!

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Before I started coming to Alternacare, I was having a lot of digestive issues, which were putting me to bed. I had gone to a regular doctor some years ago. They did not do any labs but told me I had acid reflux and a spastic colon. He then gave me different medications to take, which would help at times. Over the years it just got worse along with other problems. Some of those, not being able to sleep well most nights and getting hot at night, even when the air was turned down to 67 degrees. I started to just not to feel well most days and felt older than I was. I knew I needed to do something but was not sure what. I first came to Alternacare because I was having back issues and then found out about the holistic care that was being offered there. A workshop and a few labs later, I feel wonderful. I have not had any digestive issues for the 6 weeks that I have been going to Alternacare. I am even sleeping better and not getting hot at night any more. I would recommend Alternacare to anyone! I truly feel like I have chosen the right path for my health and gotten back myself once more! Thank you Dr. Rob and Dr. Poli for taking time to care and investing in me.

Deenen Eller.

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