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I suffered for years with sleeping problems. I used to wake up daily @ 3 AM. On top of that, I suffered with achy-ness all over, and stayed fatigued all the time. I had enough energy to go to work and that was it!
I also suffered with heart palpitations and had very little motion in my arms.
If this wasn’t enough, I have been diagnosed as a diabetic, along with having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I felt like my body was in a constant state of stress, not to mention being overweight.
I had been seeing my primary doctors to address the issues, but all they would do is give me medication.
After seeing the flyer in the paper I decided to give Alternacare a try. One month after beginning treatment, I started seeing great results! I am now sleeping through the night, therefore I am no longer fatigued, all of my pain is gone, my diabetes medications have been cut down, my A1C went from 9 to 7(good is under 8), my blood pressure went down, I was taken off my cholesterol medications, and the ringing in my ears is almost completely gone.
On top of all this, I went down in my pants size, which I struggled with my weight for the last 4 years!
Everyone has noticed a tremendous difference in me! I feel great!

Tabilah Ojore.

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