TRIGLYCERIDES DROPPED A WHOPPING 206 POINTS (without medications)!!! CHOLESTEROL DROPPED 75 POINTS (witout medications)!!!

I would like to say when I first came to Alternacare my sugar was in the 300’s. It’s now completely normal. My blood pressure is now in normal ranges. I have lost weight and I have so much more energy.. Next month I’m having blood work done to check my cholesterol and triglycerides levels which have been very high.

Great news! My cholesterol has dropped 75 points and my triglycerides have dropped a whopping 206 points! My good cholesterol has risen 4 points and my bad cholesterol dropped 38 points, All in just 3 month period!

To have a successful outcome with Alternacare one needs only to follow the prescribed plan of action. Take those supplements religiously and follow the diet plan! It’s as simple as that.

Jamie Martin.

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