Diabetes Insulin Resistance -The Adrenal Link

Category: Blog, Videos • Aug 26 2016

Diabetes Insulin Resistance -The Adrenal Link:  Diabetes may be waiting to happen inside your body.  There is such mystery behind the development of most disease.  Most people are unaware that adrenal fatigue or problems with the adrenal glands may play a big role in the development of these conditions.  Dr. Rob, CEO and owner of AlternaCare Weight Loss and Holistic Health Care of Newnan covers this connection in this short and educational video.

 Diabetes Insulin Resistance

This disease can be caused by too much of the hormone, cortisol.  Why is your body producing too much cortisol?  It is very important to know why.

The Adrenal Link

  • thK4F34VLYDiabetes may be caused by the adrenal glands make a hormone called cortisol
  • Too much cortisol will break down your muscle tissue and break it down to sugar
  • High blood sugar causes your pancreas to release too much insulin
  • This will make you insulin resistant, which leads to Type 2 Diabetes

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