Detoxing Your Thyroid

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Detoxing Your Thyroid

Detoxing your thyroid is a great way of ridding your thyroid gland of bromine, fluorine, and chlorine. Bromine, fluorine, and chlorine are part of the Halogen family and these substances are very similar to iodine. They interfere with the absorption of iodine into the thyroid gland stopping the thyroid from making thyroid hormone. This is why detoxing your thyroid is very beneficial.

Detoxing Your Thyroid


A person can have a bromine toxicity, a fluorine toxicity or a chlorine toxicity which can lead to thyroid disorders such as Hypothyroidism. This particular thyroid detox is designed to kick the bromine, fluorine and chlorine out of your thyroid gland so that the gland can function a lot better.

Detoxing Your Thyroid

How do you detox your thyroid? The overall process of detoxing your thyroid is 14 weeks. To detox your thyroid you will need Unrefined Sea Salt, Selenium, Magnesium, B-Complex with Inositol and Potassium Iodine.  Once you have completed detoxing your thyroid your iodine storage should be normal and you should have cleansed out any bromine, fluorine, and chlorine that is in your body.


Some people will try to to detox the thyroid gland by just doing the potassium iodine. If you try to detox your thyroid by doing only the potassium iodine you typically will get bad detox symptoms specifically from the bromine.

Detoxing Your Thyroid

Here are some of the symptoms you may experience if you detox your thyroid using only the potassium iodine:

Fatigue, cherry angiomas, headaches, sluggishness, rash, tremors, impaired memory, impaired concentration, disturbance of color, slurred speech, emotional instability, hair loss, vision changes, depression, runny nose, reflex changes, metallic taste in mouth, sensitivity to light, hallucinations, diarrhea, eyelid twitching, dream changes, increase salivation, anxiety, kidney pain, dry mouth, body odor and sweating.

Detoxing Your Thyroid

Don’t detox your thyroid if you have Hyperthyroidism or Graves disease, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

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