My Debilitating Anxiety Attacks Are Gone! My Gastric Issues And Food Sensitivities Have Completely Cleared Up!


The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare was debilitating anxiety attacks and menstrual problems. I also suffered from food sensitivities, headaches, topical allergies and insomnia. I tried changing my diet to all whole foods, gluten, soy, nitrate, sulfate and preservative free.  I did a liver cleanse, progesterone supplements, l-glutamine, SAM_E, meditation, prayer, hormone test including the thyroid, uterine ablation and still had symptoms.  At my worst I was having daily anxiety attacks that were completely ruining my quality of life and my ability to be a mom.  I was vomiting and having near constant gastric upset.  My anxiety was so severe that often I could not drive or leave my home.  I was horribly physically sick and completely terrified of not getting better.  All of this was daily.   If any outside stress entered my life I could not function at all.

Since coming to Alternacare my anxiety is gone, period. It’s like a miracle!  It sounds completely cliché but it’s just crazy how quickly the anxiety went away.  The gastric issues have also completely cleared up, no more nausea and vomiting and my food sensitivities are gone.  My menstrual issues are improved as well but have been a little slower.  I have lost 12 pounds and my energy and sleep has improved.  I’m like a new person!

Misty Lester


misty lester group.

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