Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid Gland

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As a consequence of  poor diet, stress, congested liver or gut issues you can end up with an underactive thyroid. If your thyroid gland is struggling to produce thyroid hormone it can cause a lot of damages in appearance. When there is a disruption in thyroid hormone production, it has a direct influence on other processes in the body. Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid Gland

You may develop bat wings, which is when lots of extra fat or loose skin hangs under the arms. This is an accumulation of fluid in the lymphatic tissue as well as in the extra cellular space in the cells of the under arm combined with adipose tissue. One patient described them as “my arm keeps waving even after I’ve stopped!”Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid GlandT3 and T4 are the thyroid hormones that are responsible for regrowth. When these two hormones are not functioning properly you will see a loss and thinning of the hair. While it’s normal to lose some hair everyday, you will notice more than normal amounts of  hair loss in your hair brush or in the drain. Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid GlandMuch like losing hair from your head, you may also notice a loss of the outer third of the eyebrow because your hair follicles aren’t stimulated as much as they need to be because your thyroid isn’t functioning properly. This is a classic symptom of thyroid disorder.

Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid Gland

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The nails can become weak and brittle with little vertical lines appearing in the nail as well. Sweat is the body’s natural moisturizer and the thyroid gland controls sweating. So, when your thyroid is not functioning properly less sweat is produced causing damage to your nails. 
Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid GlandThere will also typically be weight gain all over the body for an underactive thyroid. The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism and how your body burns food for energy. When your thyroid gland is not functioning properly it will slow your metabolism down. Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid GlandLastly, patients may experience a scalloped tongue which is when, in the hypothyroid case, we will see indentations along the side of the tongue due to the tongue enlarging because of the under active thyroid gland!Damages in Appearance Caused by Thyroid Gland

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