Dairy Cows – Never Eat From This Cow Again

Category: Blog, Videos • Oct 21 2016

Dairy Cows Gene Mutation –  About 5,000 years ago a mutation occurred in certain cows.  This mutation causes the cow to release a very toxic protein known as BCM-7 into your gut and into your blood stream.  What’s more, it is theorized that this protein can cause problems like, brain fog, fatigue, eczema, itching, sinus problems, allergies, general inflammation and more.


Dairy Cows – Never Eat From This Cow Again

The type of cows that contain this mutation are called A-1 cows.  A-2 cows are the older cows and they contain a special amino acid in their milk protein called proline.  This proline is able to bind tightly to the BCM-7 and stop it from entering the human blood stream.  The younger A-1 cows don’t have this amino acid.  Instead, the A-1 cows have a protein called histidine.  Histidine binds very weakly to the BCM-7, which allows it to then be absorbed into the human body.th40AV2NJG


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