This past year was diagnosed as having Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (a form of cancer). I had a rash on my chest, lower back, and hips that gradually appeared over a 2 month period.  I saw 3 different skin specialists, and my family doctor.  I was supposed to start light therapy and take an Accutane type drug. I decided to only use a topical steroid cream and consult Dr. Rob. Two months after consulting with Dr. Rob, seeking prayer, and anointing oil from my church pastor, I am now rash free and have no signs of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma.

DISCLAIMER: AlternaCARE, it’s employee’s and it’s owner make no claims to cure cancer.  We did not treat her cancer in any way.  We got her on a good nutritional program and her body healed itself.

Debra Teague


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