Debbie W

When I first came into Alternacare I suffered with Crohn’s disease for 30 years and had multiple surgeries.  I endured symptoms of diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, weight loss and depression.  I tried everything to alleviate my symptoms including a low fiber diet, PH balance diet, exercising and trial and error going back and fourth on eliminating certain foods from my diet with no relief.  If I read about or heard about something to help Crohn’s, I tried it.   However, nothing I tried helped and I had pain, bloating, cramping and leg and foot cramps where I couldn’t walk more that 2 feet from a restroom.  I had fatigue so extreme that I was afraid driving for fear I would fall asleep.  I was lethargic, short of breath and depressed.  I lost my ability to have any social life.  I could not eat out or attend weddings or funerals of loved ones.  I could not work full days, travel or even babysit my grandchildren.  I was isolated, embarrassed and sank into a deep depression.  After I received treatment from Alternacare my life is back to normal for the first time in 30 years!  I can do anything I want now like travel, make plans, shop all day, eat out and play with my grandchildren.  I can stay awake till bedtime and I have even gained 6 pounds that I needed to gain.  I have a lot more energy, improved sleep and reduced anxiety.  I would absolutely recommend Alternacare to a friend or family member.

Debbi Wynn



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