Coping with Stress – Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Problems

Category: Blog, Videos • Nov 30 2016

Coping with stress during the holidays when you have or are recovering from adrenal fatigue and/or thyroid problems can be tricky.  In this short video, Dr. Rob covers a great tool you can use to decrease stress during the holidays.  He will also explain the damage that is created to your body when you don’t handle holiday stress in the right way.  Check it out and please like or share with a friend!


Coping with Stress During the Holidays

What happens?

Adrenal glands make pregnenolone.  Pregnenolone helps us have energy and brain function, and gets made into DHEA.  DHEA helps with burning fat and glowing skin…  DHEA gets broken down into the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.  Pregnenolone also gets converted into Cortisol.  Here’s the kicker:  When a person acts instead of responds, the body produces more cortisol.  Unfortunately, the body steals cortisol from pregnenolone.  This means reduced energy, reduced brain function, and fat burning.

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Respond to situations instead of react.  Here’s why:

When you react instead of respond, you drive your cortisol pathways.  This means that you get an excess of cortisol by stealing pregnenolone.  As a result, this steals from progesterone and DHEA, which affects sleep, mood, skin, and overall health.



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