The main symptoms that brought me to AlternaCare were chronic fatigue, chronic upper respiratory infection, hoarseness, unsolicited weight loss, poor color and painless, glassy eyes and chronic coughs.  For 12 years I used an antibiotic in an effort to treat the reoccurring sinus and upper respiratory infections.  Daily use of steroids and nasal sprays were the normal routine but nothing seem to work.  I exhausted every treatment western medicine had in including traditional sinus surgery.  At my worst strangers, as well as friends expressed concern for my well being.  I was notably sick, and sick all the time.  A friend was sure I was dying and commented to my wife that I looked like a “dead man walking”. In December, I contracted the flu and prior to that an infection which ended up being MRSA.  My immune system was obviously over stressed and I was diagnosed as having a fungus growing on my vocal folds.  My energy was depleted and my body was shutting down.

After I received treatment at AlternaCare I was able to get my gut healthy and restore my immune system and therefore my health.  I am trim and healthy and I’m currently riding over 100 miles weekly on my bicycle.  I am also back to being able to run.  A friend recently commented that I looked as I did in high school 30 years ago.  I’m off my nasal sprays, antibiotics and steroids and I full of energy.  Thank you AlternaCare!

Craig DeLoach

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