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Category: Blog • Dec 17 2014

Adjustment Only $29

Holistic Visits Only $59

Non-Surgical Face Lifts normally $750 now Only $199.

Holistic visits and Adjustments are only valid for Dr. Truax and both specials are only valid on December 22nd, 23rd, 30th and 31st. You may not purchase discounted visits on the above date and use on future dates.  All appointments are on a fist call/come first serve basis.

What is a Non Surgical Facelift?


Every morning, every night,

every time you catch your reflection in a mirror, or–let’s be honest–your toaster; a storefront window.

But what if the next time you saw yourself looking back, you appeared brighter, revitalized, damn near youthful?

What if you could be proud of what you saw–and maybe even throw yourself a confident wink?Free Consultation

(Those days are not long gone.)

What if there were a way to get wild results without a knife, without a laser, without draining your energy (or savings account)?

What if the best way to give your spirits a lift is by giving your face a lift?

Introducing: Alterna Lift

Definition: a skin-tightening, collagen-producing, face-lifting, confidence-boosting, life-altering natural procedure that combines heat, ultrasound waves, and acupressure stimulation to take years off your looks without pain, risk, expense, discomfort, or downtime.



Woah, right?
The coolest part? You look younger because you are healing and revitalizing your tissue; improving your circulation and continuously producing collagen over time. This means we actually get better results than many invasive or toxic medical treatments that cost much, much more. Take that, surgery!

And it goes a little somethin’ like this:

1. First off: Alterna Lift breaks up those pesky, fatty deposits and scarred tissue that can lurk beneath your skin’s surface. These suckers often hang on for dear life and solicit your neck and jaw area mercilessly (until now!)

2. Next, Alterna Lift creates a happy, receptive tissue environment by upping the skin’s elasticity, oxygen, and nutrient flow.

3. Lastly (and this is where the magic happens), a monumental influx of collagen occurs. Read: tightened skin, smoothed out wrinkles, and filled-in loose and hollow areas.

Let’s talk results.

Since your body gets right to work building collagen and healing, results take place over three months, in increasing (exciting) waves. You’ll smile when you see a refreshed, healthy look to the skin within the first few days of the treatment, followed by a hint of tightening and contouring within the first two weeks. Your patience will then pay off, as your subtle changes increase in intensity as the developmental cycle peaks during the second month and you earn the new moniker, “Babyface.” Even better: the results can last up to two years before re-treatment.

Here are some benefits.

No pain, all gain.

When I say no pain, I don’t mean some pain (the classic doctor’s lie.) I mean no pain. Zero. Alterna Lift is relaxing, it’s so painless. You’ll experience some warmth during the treatment, but most folks say it feels like just a facial. We can hear you ooing already.

Better than the other guys.

We’re looking at you, botox and lasers. Alterna Lift is so much more superior than these other guys that it’s almost embarrassing. Injectable fillers and Botox put foreign invaders into your body that not only cause stress to the system, but result in faster fading effects due to the body’s natural rejection. And lasers? Don’t get me started. Alterna Lift doesn’t need to cut or damage tissue with lasers because it has the ultrasound technology that is super effective with less treatments and longer lasting results. Boom, boom and boom.

Won’t break the bank.

Alterna Lift is soooooooo much more affordable than other similar type treatments but each person’s skin is different, so we offer all of our patients a FREE CONSULTATION and FREE SKIN EVALUATION to help determine the correct treatment options and associated costs.  We will sit down with you one-on-one and review the cost of your customized skin care program.   Let me just say with our low prices and interest free payment plans, almost all of patients are able to afford treatment.

And now, some Q’s that are Frequently A’d.

1. Does it hurt?
No, ma’am. The most you will feel is a soft warmth. The reason our treatment is pain-free (compared to other, similar treatments you’ll run across on the web) is that we deliver less intensely, over a longer period of time.

2. How long do the results last?
This answer depends on your lifestyle habits and sun exposure. Traditionally, the aging process slowly picks back up after about 4 months, which is when the rebuilding effects of the treatment stop. But because we’ve improved the health of the tissue, you commonly won’t age as quickly. Most people will want a retouch in about 2 years to maintain the results.

3. How many treatments will I need?
Again, this one depends on your skin condition and goals. Many people are pleased as punch with one treatment, while others who have more sagging need two treatments to see the change they desire. You are welcome to continue your progress and rebuilding of collagen through additional treatments (it’s actually healthy for your tissues so you can’t overdo it), and we offer discounts for packages.

But don’t take my word for it, just look at the results:



It’s time to tackle your skin problems face on.

Your future reflection will thank you. So will your pride.

Contact us to snag a free consultation.


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