CELLULITE: Can You Safely and Naturally Get Rid of Cellulite?

Category: Blog, Health Articles • Jul 25 2011

Cottage cheese skin, orange peel butt, hail damage, I’ve heard it all.  There are many descriptive albeit non-flattering names for this condition.  Most of the people that I’ve talked to that have cellulite, find it unattractive and frankly gross.  It can affect the person’s self confidence, especially when in a bathing suit or sitting in shorts with the legs crossed.

I’ve heard of people doing all sorts of things to try and get rid of cellulite.  There are people that go to Medical Spas to try and get the cellulite “massaged” off their body with different devices and some choose to surgically remove it.  You can lose weight by eating right but can you lose cellulite without these costly and invasive procedures?

The answer is YES you can REDUCE the amount of CELLULITE on your body through diet alone.
We all have a layer of fat under our skin that acts like an insulator, which helps us maintain or body temperature.  Seals and blubber whales use this layer of fat to keep themselves warm in the Arctic waters, thank the good Lord we don’t have as much fat as they do.  There is a type of tissue called connective tissue that keeps this layer of fat separate from the skin.  (To give you a visual, the layers would go, skin on top, connective tissue in the middle and fat on the bottom).  When people are malnourished, missing vital proteins, vitamins and other natural substances, the connective tissue separating the fat from the skin can become weak.  When the connective tissue weakens, tiny pieces of fat break through the connective tissue and then we have our lovely cottage cheese appearance called cellulite.
There is a system I now use in my clinic that was originally developed by an MD/PhD.  This system has been shown to be clinically effective in reducing cellulite and body fat.  This doctor found that by eating a very exact ration of protein to fats to carbohydrates a person would reduce the amount of cellulite on their body and lose between 3 to 7 pounds each week. 
It is one of the only eating programs I know of that has been clinically effective at reducing cellulite.  His program is an effective and healthy means of losing 3 to 7 pounds each week and reducing cellulite.    I’ve had patients tell me everything from, their energy has improved, their skin is smoother and much healthier in appearance……… 
I’m more than happy to provide you with more information on his program, I just didn’t want to put it all in a blog, it would take up too much space.  Just email me directly at dr.rob@alternacareinc.com or just post a comment under this blog and I can shoot you a quick email with all the info you need so you can start getting the weight and cellulite off your body.
Do well!!
Dr. Rob 🙂


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