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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.


    Misty Simmons 2-25-15

    I had thirty two stubborn pounds that I just couldn’t lose. I had reached a point where I believed that I had reached the age where women just hold onto weight. Before I gave up and bought a new wardrobe of bigger clothes, I met with Dr. Rob, who convinced me to try the his program. With great skepticism, I agreed to give it a try and have lost a total of 32 pounds!


    Thanks so much, Dr. Rob.



    Before and After








    The main symptom that brought me into Alternacare was my weight.  I tried everything to loose weight including low-carb diets and diabetic diets.  I took medications for sugar control such as Victoza and Metformin but my sugar stayed high.  I did a hormone study and started Zumba but nothing seem to work for me.  At my worst I felt tired and in a rut only going to work and coming home.  I was ill and depressed and stayed stressed out all the time about the way I look and felt.  Even though I didn’t feel good I would push myself and try not to let my family know.  There were times when I would just feel like I couldn’t go one more step.  I didn’t feel like playing with my grandbabies or doing housework or any of the things I use to love to do.

    After I came to Alternacare I lost 21 pounds.  I began to eat better and go to the gym.  I now look forward to exercising which is something new for me.  I’m off all of my medication and I have a much more positive attitude.  I feel wonderful!  I now read food labels and read a lot more about foods that are good for me and my family.  When I went to my doctor the first of March he was very proud of me and my new normal numbers.  My weight, diabetes, energy, allergies, hot flashes, blood pressure, skin, nails and overall feeling of wellness and attitude have all improved.  I still have more weight to lose before I reach my goal, but I am on my way and I now know that my goal is reachable.  Thank you for giving me back the old me!  I love the way I’m feeling and looking from the inside out.

    Susan Burdett.


  • I Lost 19 Pounds/ Improved Energy and Sleep!

    A Amos frontCollage_2017-01-18_17_28_39001_1484778544171








    The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was weight gain that would not go away.  Orthopedics diagnosed me with exercise induced compartmental syndrome.  I could not exercise without my leg swelling to the size of a small watermelon and becoming heavy to move.  My family practitioner referred me to an orthopedic because of the swelling of my legs and joint pains.  The Orthopedic basically had me go through physical and aqua therapy only to tell me that we’d have to cut my facia in both legs in order for me to feel relief.  At my worst I felt hopeless and helpless.  I felt that I had no more choices.  I looked in the mirror and saw a “blob” so I ate more to mask my feelings.  Others looked at me as if I wasn’t trying.  They would say all you have to do is exercise but that wasn’t easy.  I was moody and in an out of stages of disappointment and depression.

    After I received care at Alternacare I started seeing a lot of physical differences.  I am making healthier eating choices.  My dairy free guide meal plan has helped me plan meals better, eat more veggies and fruits and just have an overall better feeling about myself.  People who see me every day have noticed the difference and my will power to maintain my plan.  I lost 19 pounds and counting, I have more energy, improved sleep and reduced anxiety.

    Aisha Amos.


  • I lost 31 pounds and I have tons of energy to do the things I love!









    The main issue that brought me to Alternacare was weight gain. I tried exercising for 1 to 2 hours, 5 days a week and cutting my calories to no more that 1200 a day. I just could not lose any weight and became extremely frustrated.  At my worst I felt hopeless and worried that maybe there was something wrong with my body metabolically.  Frustration and aggravation took over and I was at my wits end.  My mood was extremely poor and it was causing tension in my marriage.  My husband could tell that I was depressed about my weight gain.  I had no energy to do any of the things I love.

    Since receiving care at Alternacare I have a ton more energy. I have lost over 31 pounds so far and on track to lose 20 more pounds!  I am constantly outdoors hiking, zip lining, bike riding and anything outside.  I feel great and everyone around me can tell a huge difference!

    Brandi Schafer.


  • I Lost 21 Pounds/ My Gut Pain and Reflux Are Gone









    The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare was reflux, pain in my gut and weight. I tried over the counter and prescription medications but they are not good log term for health and did not work.  At my worst my weight was out of control.  In the past I would lose weight but gain it all back along with extra weight.  At night I couldn’t sleep for the pain in my gut.

    After coming to Alternacare my attitude about my self has changed. I know I can control my diet with healthy foods.  I no longer even want to put sweets back in my diet.  I like to shop for clothes again and I feel so much better.  I have lost 21 pounds and my reflux has subsided.

    Barbara Smith.


  • Lost 32 Pounds, Tons of Energy, Sleeping Great and Anxiety is Gone!

    Joann M FrontJoann M Side








    The reason I came to Alternacare was my daughter drug me here.  I was very depressed.  I had lots of anxiety and sleepless nights.  As a result of my stress I ate more, was angry for no reason and wished I was dead.  I tried diets of all kinds and did manage to lose a little weight but would gain it back plus more. I also tried sleeping medication for years with minimal relief of my symptoms. 


    After coming to Alternacare I lost 32 pounds.  I have tons of energy and my anxiety is gone.  I also sleep with no medication.  I’m very happy with my life now!

    Joann M..



    Amela Ware









    I first came to Dr. Rob in November. I had just moved to Newnan and was probably at one of the lowest points in my life. I was extremely overweight, had just been placed on thyroid medicine, was already on an anti-depressant and anxiety medication, and was dreading getting married in a year because I felt so terrible about myself. I have always had weight issues, but last year I was the biggest I had ever been. Although trying the two previous months to eat right, exercising (I was training for a 5k), and trying to lose weight, I had gained 7 pounds. I was hopeless. To put the icing on the cake, I had spent three months going to a medical doctor, trying to figure out what was going on with my body. I KNEW something was off, but nothing could really explain it. My doctor finally put me on thyroid medicine, although I only had minor problems. I was getting ready to give up. I was depressed, extremely unhappy with my body, and overall miserable with my life. I was supposed to get married in less than a year, and didn’t even want to put a dress on. My dad called me up one day and asked if I wanted to go to a live demonstration with a doctor that was right down the road from my house. The decision to go changed my life. After hearing Dr. Rob give his demonstration, I knew I had been taught all the wrong things about weight loss my entire life. I decided then to talk to Dr. Rob. It was my last resort; I had nothing to lose.

    The first few visits, Dr. Rob taught me about bacteria and parasites in the body. It was very overwhelming, but Dr. Rob told me from day one, “Amelia, trust me, I can help you and get your body right. You have to be willing to do it, but we can get this fixed.” And he was right. Within the first month, I was off my anti-depressant and anxiety medicine. I was losing weight, slowly but surely, and was starting to feel better. I had my reserves at times, I’m impatient and like things done right away, but so far it has all been worth it. I’m five months in and here are my results; I have dropped 30 pounds, halfway to my goal weight, I have more energy, more patience, I have a confidence that I have never really had in my life, I’m overall a happier person, things I didn’t even know were wrong with me have gone away (i.e. fatigue, back pain), I sleep through the night soundly (no waking up and being wide awake!). My fiancée and family have even seen these results. My fiancée has told me multiple times how happier I seem, and how proud he is of me. It has been a hard road; changing my lifestyle and not just dieting, putting in the work and effort to make changes. However, it has been well worth it and I owe it all to Dr. Rob. Dr. Rob has done nothing but encourage and support me through the whole thing. For once, I am very hopeful about the future of my health, well-being, and body image. I always like to think of Dr. Rob and his team at AlternaCare as my saving grace of moving to Newnan. People have begun to ask me recently, what I am doing to lose all the weight. I give them this huge explanation, because it hasn’t been one thing. But I always tell them about AlternaCare and Dr. Rob and encourage them to go to a live demonstration with me. I encourage everyone on here to do the same. One thing Dr. Rob said in his demonstration is “Our bodies were made to heal themselves. For every symptom we have, there is a problem behind it, you just have to find it.” Our bodies DO have the power to heal, and Dr. Rob has found my issues and helped me to help my body heal. I encourage you, don’t give up. It’s hard, it’s a life change, but there IS a solution. Good luck on your life change!

    Amelia Ware.


  • Met My Goals! Reflux Problems Solved! Decreased Knee Pain!



    Prior to coming to AlternaCare, I experience knee pain, weight gain, gastric reflux, and sluggishness. I was unhappy with my overall appearance! My knees were constantly hurting. I felt sad with how I’d let myself get to this point. I didn’t have the energy to exercise regularly, and I didn’t go out with friends. I tried many diets such as Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Quick Weight Loss, and other diets from books.

    At AlternaCare, I was finally able to lose more than 10 pounds! I met my goal of 18 pounds. My energy level increased, and my dress size decreased. The gastric reflux problem resolved, and my knee pain has decreased. – Jonnie Bailey.



    Sylinda Before and After with Text








    When I first came to Alternacare I was overweight and fatigued.  No matter what diet I was on or how I changed my eating habits I could not lose weight.  My being overweight and tired all the time caused me to be depressed a good bit of the time.  The depression caused me to want to stay home and not do much.

    After coming to Alternacare I lost 32 pounds, I have so much more energy and I am sleeping better.  I have little problems with my IBS now and I’m loosing weight each week.  I am loving my new body and shape!

    Sylinda Kile.


  • I Was “Led,” Perhaps Even Divinely So………










    I was “led” , perhaps even divinely so, into AlternaCare in Newnan, Georgia. I was in tears and did not know where to turn!!!!!!!!! I had seen every doctor in Newnan, clear up to the north side of Atlanta for help and answers. Unfortunately, I received neither. I literally thought that I was dying and that this was “the end” for me.

    I had chronic yeast infections that would not get better. I was taking daily doses of oral Diflucan for yeast along with yeast creams for months without improvement. I was told by numerous doctors and emergency room physicians that I also had a bacterial infection running rampant through my body. Strong antibiotics were prescribed for me for a period of a year and half. The infection would NOT clear up! I was in chronic pelvic pain due to the infections and was told that I may have to live with my situation. The doctors did not know why I was in chronic pain.

    I suffered with insomnia and chronic headaches. The doctors kept me on high doses of narcotic pain medications and would send me on my way! I had developed a severe case of acne on my entire body. It was embarrassing and I did not want to be seen in public! My body was toxic, swollen, and overweight by 15-20 pounds. I had high blood pressure and was on medication for it. I became extremely depressed and was put on antidepressants and anxiety medications. It was quite disturbing for me to discover that my liver and intestines were not functioning properly and were compromised (damaged). I was a complete and total wreck!!!!!!!!!!! I was not able to be the wife I needed to be, nor the mother that I needed to be to my five precious sons. Three months after working with Dr. Rob, I have NO yeast or bacterial infections in my body! My chronic pelvic pain is completely gone!!!!! I am off all prescription drugs….eight total. I have NO high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, anxiety/depression and my skin issue (acne) has cleared up completely! My intestines and liver function have returned and are healing.  A surprise added bonus for me is that I lost 18 pounds along that three month journey. Thank you Dr. Rob for restoring my health…you and your team! I have the utmost respect and gratitude for you and your healthcare team. I will forever be thankful that I walked through your door!!!!!!!!!!!

    With sincere LOVE and THANKS…………………Gina B..



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