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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Back & Leg Pain Sleep

    Before I came to Alternacare the only remedy for my back pain was surgery.  My work requires a lot of highly active duties that are strenuous and repetitive. This pain has lasted over 30 years and had become so severe that I was not able to get off the floor by myself. My legs were also hurting for years. Most of my problems have been from poor living habits and bad diets. 
    Since being treated at Alternacare, I have lost excess fat while gaining weight. I move freely without pain and I now sleep throughout the night more than I was before. I have a clearer mind and in general have a better life.
    Randy Quigley.


  • Knee Pain

    I came to the clinic because it was hard to walk because of knee pain. My weight wasn’t a big issue, but I thought losing weight would help. I started supplements and the treatment, but the knee pain continued. I was given a knee and ankle adjustment and the pain was gone!


  • Headaches and Knee Pain

    When I first came to Alternacare, I was having headaches daily and taking way too many painkillers. After a series of adjustments by Dr. Poli, my headaches are gone! I was also having problems with pain in my left knee. Dr. Poli determined that my right ankle was the problem. He adjusted it and my left knee stopped hurting. I was very glad to avoid cortisone injections. I’m also down one clothing size so far! YEAH!



  • Shoulder and Neck Pain

    I used to get headaches every other day, along with pains in the neck and shoulders. Since receiving my treatments, I have gone days without these kinds of pains. I know if I continue I will be able to go from days, to weeks, to months without pain.




    The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare were insomnia and fatigue.  Of course, I had many other symptoms such as gaining 50 pounds and not being able to loose it no matter what I did. I also had frequent chest pains that would keep me awake at night (I think it was gall bladder attacks).  My quality of life was suffering greatly.  Earlier in the year at my regular yearly doctor check up, I had told my doctor about all of my symptoms.  He immediately started prescribing medication for me.  I told him that I didn’t want to treat the symptoms, but I wanted to find the root of my problem.  As far as weight loss, I was exercising regularly and trying to eat right (although it was hard with all my cravings), but it seemed the more faithful I was the more weight I gained.  I really had almost given up.  I felt that if I had to live the rest of my life feeling the way I did, then I wanted to be hit by a bus or something to put me out of my misery.  I would come home and put on my pajamas and lay down the rest of the day.  My family suffered because I was so disengaged.  My depression was getting worse as well and I had to force myself to do the bare minimum each day.

    After receiving treatment at Alternacare all of my symptoms have improved! I am now sleeping through the night and my sleep is deep, I feel rested in the morning!  As of today I have lost 37 pounds and I’m 15 pounds from my goal, which I have no doubt I will achieve!  I don’t feel anxious or depressed at all anymore!  My fatigue, cravings, and chest pains have all improved too and my quality of life is now much better!

    Marley O.


  • Weight Loss, Dizziness, Hip Pain

    GARY LOZE_1.JPGTo begin with, it was suggested by my Mother-in-Law that we sit in on a free meeting Alternacare was having. After listening, my husband and I decided this was for us. We figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    I came in with everything on my left side giving me pain such as my hip, knee, ankle, also my shoulder and neck. I also had dizziness. I would wake up at night with pain in my hip and knee.
    I do a lot of walking on my job, and was wondering how much longer I could do this, and weather or not I creating permanent damage.
    Our car was off the road at this time and we had to use our truck to go to work. I had refused to go in the truck because of the difficulty, and pain of getting up in it. My husband kept a paint can in the truck to help me get in without so much pain. I am glad that I no longer need that little step.
    I am now pretty much free of the pain, and no longer get up at night in pain. Weight loss had been slow for me but I have lost 10lbs, and will continue with the program till I reach my goal weight. I believe this to be a good and lasting way to lose the weight.
    My experience with Alternacare and with Dr. Poli has been a huge success.

    Jean Loze.


  • Heart Burn, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fatigue, Weight, Rosacea, Psoriasis

    My doctor was about to put me on medicine for high blood pressure and for my cholesterol. (for the rest of my life). It was my wife’s idea to come to Alternacare for the health and wellness program workshop.  I just wanted to feel good again and have energy, the weight loss was a bonus.  (Thank you to my wife Debbie) On the first day of the program my Blood pressure was 190/94 after 1 month of the program it was 110/70.
    Before starting program my cholesterol count was 198 after 1 month of the program it was 137. Before starting program my triglycerides count was 229 after 1 month of the program it was 83 My heartburn is completely gone. Rosacea gone. Psoriasis gone. Belly Fat gone  (lost 39lbs). Fatigue gone. I feel the best I’ve ever felt. Oh yea and I stopped snoring my wife now has to check and make sure I am still breathing. I am working out with a personal trainer 3 days a week and walking 4-5 miles 3 days a week, and can
    play all day with my 3 year old grandson. I am happier, healthier and have the energy to  the things I could not do a year ago.

    Thank you Dr. Poli, Dr. Rob and the entire Alternacare staff


    Bill Morris




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