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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Digestive Issues, Yeast Plaque Patches – Alicia Klenk

    In less than 2 months treatment, I have seen increased energy, vast improvement in my digestive issues. Also, I previously had a big problem with yeast plaque patches in my scalp for which dermatologists said was chronic and not curable. It is now completely cleaned up…. I feel better at this point than I have in the past 3 years.
    Alicia Klenk.


  • Dizziness, Vertigo and Back Pain – Helen Osborne

    About 6 months ago I started to have many strokes, which followed severe dizziness, vertigo and back pain. I couldn’t walk by my self. When I was at home I had to walk with a walker and when I was out in public I had to hold my husbands arm, just to get around. It didn’t matter if I was lying down or if I was sitting up, I was dizzy no matter what.
    I went to different doctors and was prescribed 2 different medications for dizziness. Nothing helped me.
    Then, I attended a health screening at Big Lots and that is where I met a representative from Alternacare Health & Rehab. The representative told me that maybe they could help me with my health problems. At 5:30 that evening after my first treatment, I didn’t even dare getting up without my husband around, because I thought I would fall. But I decided to get up and amazingly I was not dizzy. I felt better after my first treatment. The treatments I received here have helped me so much.
    Helen Osborne.


  • Migraines, Neck, Shoulder, Back, and TMJ Pain – Shandell Woods

    I began coming to “Alternacare Health and Rehab” in July 2004. A friend, who had listened to my complaints of migraines, neck, shoulder and back pains and difficulties with my TMJ, referred me to this clinic. As a teacher, my stress level was very high and my body had felt the impact of that stress since my youngest child had been born six years ago. I took headache medications, all the brands of “PM” pills and even had a few muscle relaxers, at times. I thought our mattress was to blame since my symptoms returned each night. The TMJ problem caused my jaw to click and lock almost daily. I bought an over the counter mouth guard to help sleep with, in hopes of stopping the grinding or clinching of my teeth.
    After only nine adjustments, I was symptom free! I feel great! After, seeing how the treatments work so well, I have had my three children start treatment. I am looking forward to a winter with no visits to the pediatrician for ADHD, tummy aches, colds, leg cramps, or constant nosebleeds.
    On many days, I still have stress as a teacher, but my body handles it much better now that I have my spine aligned and not pinching those precious nerves that need to tell my body how to respond.
    I feel wonderful, and by the way, I didn’t even need to buy a new mattress!
    Shandell Woods.


  • Restless Nights and Stiffness – Irene Green

    I started coming into “Alternacare Health and Rehab” because I had heard such great things about the clinic, and thought that they could help me.
    I had suffered with restless nights and stiffness for years, and was ready to try anything to get better. I had suffered with the restless nights for 10 years before I started my care here. I would only nap at night. The most I would sleep at a time would be an hour or two.
    Over the years, I started having a lot of stiffness, and it was very hard for me to move around. I had to start walking with a cane 2 years ago to help me walk and move better.
    After my first treatment at “Alternacare Health and Rehab” I was able to sleep the whole night through that night. I was amazed. I had family members who came into my bedroom the next morning to check on me because I was not up before everyone else. Then only a week later I could see a huge difference. I was not as stiff and I was able to move around better.
    Week after week I kept seeing the results. I was sleeping at night. I was able to move and walk. I no longer have to walk with my cane! I can lay down now without having horrible pain! I had to stop driving 4 years ago because I was unable. After weeks of care I am able to get back in the driver’s seat, which is a wonderful feeling!
    I traveled a long distance to come to “Alternacare Health and Rehab”, but it was worth it to get results without having to take medication. The care I received was perfect. I cannot express how grateful I am to “Alternacare Health and Rehab” and the staff there. It was well worth the drive from Augusta, Georgia to Sharpsburg, Georgia for the treatment and care!!
    Irene Green.


  • Back and Pelvic Pain – Betty Doyal

    I started coming into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” because I had horrible back and pelvic pain. My back would have constant burning pains and a constant ache in it. I had suffered with these back pains for almost a year and a half and the pelvic pain for almost 3 years before I started my care. My pelvis was tilted and twisted.
    I went to an orthopedic doctor for the pelvic pain. He sent me through months of therapy, but it only eased the pain for a short period of time. I was given pain pills to take, but would not take them because I wanted to heal naturally or with herbs.
    I was unable to stand for any long length of time because the pain. I would have to stop to go and lay down while doing the simplest activities, such as cooking dinner, because of the pain I had when I stood. If I was sitting or lying and wanted to move my leg, I would have to pick my leg up with my hands, and move it where I wanted it. It would take me a while at night to fall asleep because I could not get comfortable. Once I was asleep I would wake up throughout the night with pain.
    Only after 2 weeks of care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”, I felt better than I had in years. Then only after 4 weeks of care, the constant ache and burning pains I had been suffering from were gone and have not returned. I am feeling much better. I thought that my aches and pains were things that I was going to have to live with and I am so glad that I don’t. I think that the care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” is great and I am incredibly happy with the changes it has made in my life.
    Betty Doyal.


  • Headaches, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pains – Regina Criswell

    I started coming into "Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab" because I had severe headaches, as well as neck, shoulder, and back pains. I had suffered with the headaches for 3 months before I started care. The headaches would be so bad that it would hurt for me to move my head. When I was suffering from a horrible headache it would be so bad that even my eyes would burn. I would have a headache all day every day. My neck, shoulder, and back had been bothering me for 4 years before I started my care at this clinic. My neck stayed stiff, and hurt when I would turn my head in any direction. My shoulder would ache and hurt when I tried to move my arm at all. My back had a constant ache in it that made my daily activities unbearable. I was not able to sleep at night because of all the pain. If I was lucky enough to fall asleep I was only able to sleep for a short period of time before I would wake up with pain.
    I went to my primary care Doctor and was told that I had arthritis and biarthritis. I was given medicine to take, and was told that it was all that would help with the neck and shoulder pain. I would have to take at least 2 or 3 pain pills a day. I would try to go as long as I could in between pain pills, but when the pains got to be so bad I would have to take something.
    After 2 weeks of treatment at "Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab" I was headache free. I had spent 3 months of having a headache every day to not having one since. After a month of treatment, my neck, shoulder, and back pains were gone as well. I can move my neck, shoulder, and arm now without any pain. I am able to go and do activities that I have not been able to do in a while, and be pain free when 1 am doing them. I am able to sleep better at night which makes my days much better. I was very leery of chiropractic care when I started treatment, but I am amazed at the results that I have gotten. I think that chiropractic care is wonderful, and I wish that I had started it years ago.
    Regina Criswell.


  • Stiff Neck and Headaches – Judith Shellnut

    I started corning into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” because I had a very stiff neck that would cause me to have horrible headaches. The headaches would cause a tight pain in the back of my head. I was unable to sleep well at night because of my stiff neck. It was very hard for me to get comfortable and then I would toss and turn all night. When I would wake up in the morning I would have a headache, but as the day went on the headache would get horrible. The headaches would get so bad that even light and sounds were unbearable at times. I had to take 1 to 2 Excedrin a day and that would hardly help the headache.
    I had suffered with my headaches for a year and a half before I started care at Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”. I was very skeptical of chiropractic care. I honestly didn’t even want to come, but I thought that I would try anything to get better.
    After my first treatment at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”, I was headache free. The headache I had that day was immediately gone, and I have been headache free from that day on. I was very impressed and shocked that the care I received worked so well and fast. I went from being a non-believer in chiropractic care to being a 100% believer. I can not imagine living my life and still having the headaches that I had. I am very glad that I gave chiropractic care a chance.
    Judith Shellnut.


  • Balance – Cecile Wood

    I was in a horse accident in 1982 that left me with brain damage and a broken leg. In 1996, I was in a plane crash. I had several problems from the plane accident. I broke my other leg. I had to have my foot reattached to my leg. I broke my back and had to have back surgery. I was in the hospital for 4 months after the crash.
    After I recovered, I still had discomfort in my back, hips, legs, and ankles. I also had a loss of balance. Anytime I would sit and get up I would have to stop and get my balance. It did not matter if I was sitting for one minute or for hours, when I got up I would have to stop and gather my balance. I never realized how much you sit and stand during the day until I started having to balance myself after each time.
    I had been to other chiropractors before I started coming to “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”, but I could never relax enough while I was there to get anything out of it, and stopped going for that reason. I had been to every kind of rehab there is, as well.
    When I started “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” I was very comfortable there. The staff was very friendly and caring. I had been under treatment only 4 weeks before I noticed that my balance was improved. I no longer had to stop and gather my balance when I got up from sitting. I could walk better and without my cane or walker. The discomfort that I had been suffering from for years, had improved 100%.
    I love the care that “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” gives. I love the fact that they combine chiropractic care as well as physical therapy and massage therapy into your treatment plan.
    Cecile Wood.


  • Neck and Low Back Pain – Jeanette Jackson

    I started coming into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” because I had both low back pain and neck pain.
    I had suffered with these pains for years. My neck had been bothering me for 4 years. It was very painful and stiff. It would cause pain to move down into my shoulders, arms, and hands. I also would have numbness and tingling down through my arms and hands. The pain would hurt constantly. My back had been bothering me for 19 years before I started coming into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”. I had spondylolisthesis which caused pain to my low back, down into my legs, and my feet. I was unable to sleep at night. I would wake up anywhere from 4 to 12 times a night.
    I had an epidural in my back for the pain, but it only supplied temporary relief. I was given several different kinds of muscle relaxers, and none of them helped. I was having to take 800 mg. of ibuprofen every 6 hours, and that would only take the edge off the pain. It would never make the pain go completely away.
    Within my first week of care at “Altemacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”, the numbness and tingling in my hands were gone. My neck and back pain was almost immediately better. I was in less pain after my first week of care than I had been in for years. I was able to sleep the whole night through. I was able to sleep on my back, which I had not been able to do for years. I am able to now do activities that I had been missing out on for years because of the pain. I love how everything you need to get well is right here at the clinic.
    I think it is great that there is chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy here. I love how everyone works together to get the job done and fix the problems.
    Jeanette Jackson.


  • Low Back Pain – Pete Cobb

    I had been suffering from low back pain for 5 years, before I started my care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”.
    In my line of work, I do a lot of physical activity, and over the years the work took it’s toll on me. My low back pain would be so bad at times that I had sharp, shooting pains going from my lower back, down my legs, and into my feet. The other times I just had backaches that would cause so much pain that I would be unable to work, sleep, or do any other activity. I had to completely stop working for 2 months because of the pain.
    I went to 5 different doctors and all I received were a lot of pain pills and muscle relaxers. When the RX’s didn’t help the pain, I had to start having epidurals done. I had a total of 7 epidurals. The pain was so bad that the most I relief I got from one of the epidurals was only for a month, and the other 6 did not help.
    I came into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” and after 4 weeks of treatment I felt like a new man. I feel like I am 10 years younger. My backaches have improved 100%. I no longer have any of the shooting pains down my legs and into my feet. I was able to go back to working like I had before. I was able to sleep much better at night. I was able to start doing activities that I enjoyed very much, and had been forced to stop doing due to the pain.
    I think that Chiropractic care is marvelous. It has changed my life for the better, and done things that I didn’t think were possible.
    Pete Cobb.



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