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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • I lost 35 pounds! No more aches and pains! I feel like I did in my 20s!










    I came to Alternacare to lose weight. I tried a variety of diets faithfully but my body seemed “stuck”. I would lose 5-7 pounds in the first two weeks and then nothing in the following weeks until I finally gave up. I felt defeated and hopeless. I would become highly motivated to give it my all and then think that maybe this time it was working only to plateau again. The part that affected everthing was the amount of stress I was feeling. it made day to day hiccups and tasks seem like insurmountable problems. Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 35 pounds. My energy and over all well- being has improved. No more aches and pains. I have the feeling of the ability to cope vs feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The best part is how I feel like the me I remember being in my 20s, easy going and not stressed by the least little thing. I’m better able to streamline and order tasks rather than feeling overwhelmed.  Susan Oliver



    Rena W with text









    The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was my weight.  I tried exercising, dieting, hormonal therapy for menopause and was not successful.  I was depressed and tired.  I had low self esteem and a negative outlook.  I felt sorry for myself and I was also mad at myself for what I had allowed myself to become.  The extra weigh tor me was a big issue because it wasn’t me.  I never thought I’d weigh almost 200 pounds.

    After I started treatment at Alternacare I lost 52 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6 within about 7 months! I have a better outlook on life and I’m happier and have a better attitude.  My sleep has greatly improved, my skin is healthier, my hormones are also balanced which made menopause more bearable.  I’m off my medications and have more energy.  Thanks Alternacare!

    Rena Walker.



    Melani Standing Front On Before and AfterMelanie Bathing Suit Before and After








    I suffered with a thyroid condition along with depression and weight gain before I came to Alternacare.  I couldn’t focus at work and I had extreme emotional ups and downs.  I started exercising regularly for two months but still could not lose weight.  I was the heaviest I had ever been.  I considered it a good day if I didn’t cry and I could not focus on completing a task at work.  I feared my declining work performance due to my health issues would compromise my job so I decided to give Alternacare a try.  Since then my mind is less foggy and I’m able to compete all my job requirements.  I have lost 60 pounds and 3 sizes.  I have also avoided going on synthroid for my thyroid and have reduced anxiety.

    Melanie Adams.



    Amy Nelson Before and After TEXT no dates







    When I came to Alternacare, I needed to lose weight and I suffered from fatigue during the days and insomnia at night.  I tried everything to improve my symptoms but all I wanted to do was sleep all day and when bedtime came, I couldn’t sleep!

    After I came to Alternacare within 7 months I have lost 93 pounds and I am down almost 7 pant sizes!  I am almost to my goal!  My fatigue is gone during the days and I am sleeping all night!  I have the energy to play with my kids and I have even started homeschooling my daughter!  I’m so thankful for the doctors and staff at Alternacare.  They have helped me get my life back!

    Amy Nelson.


  • I’m Off Medication For Hypothyroid! I Lost 42 Pounds! My Energy Has Returned! I Feel Better!

    Cindy Clough Before and After with Text 6-27-14My main symptom leading me to seek help at AltneraCare was hypothyroidism; I was diagnosed two years ago. After seeing my primary care physician for an annual physical, he called to tell me my diagnosis and that he had already called in my synthroid prescription. I started taking it, but I was looking for other answers. I sought a second opinion and started reading everything I could about thyroid issues. At my worst, I felt sluggish, tired, overweight, and unmotivated. At work, I didn’t feel motivated to do the paperwork involved in my job and I didn’t want to be creative and solve problems. By the time I returned home, I was tired!

    Though I forced myself to go for a bike ride or walk, it only made me more tired. My meals were becoming increasingly less nutritious because grabbing something quick was easier. My budget for eating out was over its limit. I was also paying a lot for massage therapy for my muscles. I was giving up on being healthy again. Then, a friend of mine referred me to AlternaCare. I was hesitant at first, but decided that I could either live with my health issues or give this alternative a try. Besides hypothyroidism, I was experiencing other symptoms: eczema, weight gain, and muscles aches (especially in my right shoulder and hip). I tried creams and topical ointments for eczema. I tried more exercise for weight loss (I rode my bike, jogged, walked). Massage treatment was how I tried to decrease the muscles aches. I didn’t necessarily relate these other symptoms to my physical health or my hormones; I believed they were all part of aging. However, I learned that they were related to my physical health and hormones!

    After following Dr. Rob’s program specifically designed for my health issues for four months, I returned to my primary physician for another thyroid test. I have now been off my synthroid for a month! It was an emotional moment when I heard my primary physician say, “Discontinue the use of your synthroid.” However, not only did my thyroid heal, but my other symptoms improved, as well. The eczema has improved. I lost 42 pounds and therefore feel much better, and I no longer have muscles aches. My energy has returned so I work more efficiently and creatively. I also have plenty of energy left to accomplish tasks at home and cook a healthy dinner. Other symptoms, that I was unaware of until I didn’t have them, that have gone away are raised bumps on my legs, skin discoloration, and anxiety. I even sleep better – even if I awaken during the night, I go back to sleep quickly and awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and rested! AlternaCare is staffed with wonderful, caring people – they want to see you healthy and living your best life! Dr. Rob is not only there to guide you through the program, but also to teach you! I learned so much about my health and how issues in one area are related to others! Thank you Dr. Rob!! • • •

    Cindy Clough

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    Amy R Front                                                                                                                                                                                               Amy R Side








    The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was weight gain due to hypothyroid.  I tried taking synthroid, many diets and exercise but nothing worked.  I had no energy and felt really bad about myself because I had gained so much weight.  I had no motivation to get up and do my daily task and this was depressing.

    After I received care at Alternacare I have my energy back.  I feel so much better about myself.  I lost 40 pounds and I’m not depressed or anxious like I use to be!  I’m even off my Synthroid and sleep better too! 

    Amy Robison.



    Angie Merideth Before and After 9-04-15

    The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare was excess weight and diabetes.  I tried several diets but the weight always returned.  At my worst my fasting blood sugar was around 200 so I was easily fatigued and flushed.  The high blood sugar also increased my appetite and caused weight gain in the belly area.  I had constant cravings for sweets.  I was miserable in my overweight body!  I was at my heaviest weight in my life and since I had always been thin and active this was devastating to me.  No matter what I tried the weight would not come off.  My blood sugar levels were out of control and I was going to be on diabetes medication for the rest of my life.

    After I received treatment at Alternacare my eating habits have totally changes, I eat more whole foods and no processed foods.  I have lost 30 pounds and over 20 inches!  My glucose levels are within normal range without medication and my energy has increased!  I’m off cholesterol medications and blood pressure medications and I feel like myself again!  Thinner, more energetic and healthy!  Thank you so much Alternacare!

    Angie Meredith.


  • I lost 28 pounds! I was bloated. My joints hurt and I had fatigue.

    vendella12VENDELLA 1










    I came to Alternacare because I was bloating and gaining weight. I had joint pain, and fatigue. I was not feeling over all myself. I tried HCG, Body For Life and Weight Watchers prior to coming to Alternacare. I couldn’t loose weight or do much because of the fatigue. I was tired all the time and bloated. My joints hurt after playing tennis. Since finding Alternacare I can now work and go about my day with a pep in my step. I don’t get tired anymore and I lost 28 pounds!!. I have more energy and improved sleep! – Vendella deMoors

    Individual results may vary.


  • Stomach Issues Resolved! Energy Returned! Decreased Anxiety! Enjoying Life Again!


    Before coming to Alternacare, I had stomach issues for 20 years. Other symptoms included sleeplessness, anxiety, hormone imbalances, and no sex drive. I had to be very careful of the food I ate because I knew it could immediately upset my stomach and send me to the restroom. I had been on chemical anxiety medication since 1999. I had panic attacks and did not like to be in crowds. It made daily life difficult: going out to eat, grocery stores, enjoying my family and husband, every day life. I went to many different specialists and had tests done, but nothing worked.

    Since starting at Alternacare, I am happy and I have a lot of energy. I now have a healthy diet plan fit for me. I go out and enjoy my life and husband again. My anxiety has decreased, and I have reduced my medication. —Heather Haller





  • 35 Pounds Lost! Sleeping Better! Anxiety Improved! I Feel Like a New Person!


    Before I began care with Alternacare, I experienced fatigue, weight gain, aches, constipation, difficulty keeping up with work and home responsibilities, lack of excitement for the future, and intermittent sleep difficulties. When I was at my worst, I felt exhausted all the time. I basically, went to work then wanted to sleep the rest of the day. I was tired even when I slept well, and I felt anxious and overwhelmed with life. I was convinced that my health would continue to decline over time. Feeling so poorly sucked all the joy out of my life. I have a wonderful husband and family but felt guilty for not being able to turn things around. I had a lot of responsibilities and struggled daily just keeping up with the minimum amount of tasks such as cooking dinner and grocery shopping. I could not make it through the day without a nap. I have always been health conscious and have tried to eat healthy food and exercise, but my sweets cravings were hard to control. This contributed to a downward spiral. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidsim approximately 10 years ago and have been taking medication since. In the past couple of years, my symptoms increased and my blood tests resulted in my physician doubling my medication. I decided I would not accept  the possibility that over time I would have to take more and more medication.

    Alternacare has helped me feel and look like a different person! I have lost weight, have energy, can keep up with my responsibilities, and I am excited for the future! I have lost 35 pounds. My recent blood tests showed improvement. I am working towards getting off my thyroid medication. I am sleeping better and feeling more rested. My anxiety has improved. —Gwyn Groh.



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