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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Hot Flashes, Weight, Energy – Thomas Faletto

    Hot flashes started after prostate surgery about a year ago, several times a night & during the day. In January 2008 I started treatment at Holistic Health, after about 3-4 weeks the hot flashes occurred only at night. After several months I no longer have hot flashes. I have also lost weight, trimmed down and have more energy.

    Thomas Faletto



  • Hot/Cold Flashes – Sandra Williams

    When I started the treatments I found so much improvement in my over all body. I was suffering from hot/cold flashes for 6 months and could not get any rest. I woke up every 1-2 hours during the evening. My family doctor offered no help. Then during the day whenever I would eat food (any kind), even water, I would break out into a sweat for 10 minutes or more, then get very cold. After my first visit I was sleeping 4-6 hours per night and I got rid of the hot/cold flashes by my 2nd week. By the time I had my 3rd visit I was off the medication I used to help me walk and for leg cramps. I had been on this medicine for 5 years. This week I started to walk and found more energy. Each week is new and all positive.
    Sandra Williams.


  • Stomach Pain – Phyllis Smith

    I have been going to Alternacare for stomach pain. The doctor discovered that I was constipated and had a parasite. I went through 2-3 weeks of treatment. I feel much better. It was like a miracle. I feel like a new person and the staff is just great. Thanks for all that you do to make peoples life a little better. I was told by other people and co-workers I should not use this care. I told them “don’t knock it until you try it”. Now that I am better they are asking questions. Thank God for people like Dr. Rob and Dr. Poli.
    Phyllis Smith.


  • Eye Disease – NJ

    Having suffered for eight years with an eye disease, I was given an only choice – eye surgery to keep from going blind.
    I came to Alternacare for a second opinion. After seven weeks, I am beginning to see better. I still have a good ways to go, but I now have hope that my vision can be improved.


  • Joint Pain, Night Sweats, Not Sleeping – Lisa Martin

    I have been coming to Alternacare for 3 weeks and my joint pain, night sweats & not sleeping all night has gone away.
    I feel so much better. I can get out of bed with no hurting, I also feel better during the day because I am not so tired.
    I love this place. The staff and doctors are wonderful.
    Lisa Martin.


  • Sleeplessness, Body Full of Toxins – Rachel Kirk

    I came to Dr. DeBease a few months ago with a multitude of symptoms: sleeplessness, a full body of toxins from extremely strong antibiotics, prednisone & a number of other medications which I am happy to say I am no longer taking per my medical doctor’s advice, since I am doing so well with the supplements I’m taking from Alternacare. I haven’t felt this good in over 15 years, and had just about given up hope of ever getting well.

    It is so refreshing to have doctors that believe in taking care of our body’s problems and not just symptoms as they occur. What a concept!

    I am so thankful to them that I don’t know what to do other than tell everybody about this fantastic practice that really is in business of helping the body to heal itself and seeing people live a life that is whole and as pain free as possible. I love the whole staff!!!

    Rachel Kirk




  • Lack of Sleep and Low Activity Levels – Vera Seals

    The supplements that I have been on have done wonder for me. I am feeling much better, sleeping longer during the night and very active during the day. The supplement that I am taking agrees with me. The heavy metal in my lab results has come down considerably. I am very encouraged to continue on the program.
    Vera Seals.


  • Weight Loss, Knee Pain, Energy Levels – R.C.

    I’ve always been told I needed to lose weight in order to be healthy.  Dr. Rob has helped me see that I need to be healthy in order to lose weight. 
    After years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight I am finally on my way.  In less than three months I have lost 20 pounds and gone down two sizes.  But that isn’t even the best part. 
    I have suffered with knee pain for several years.  Going up a flight of stairs and getting up out of a chair were so painful.  Now that my body is no longer destroying itself, my knee pain is virtually gone.  I can easily rise from a seated position and climbing stairs are no problem. 
    My overall energy level is remarkably better. 
    I still have a long way to go but Dr. Rob may have added years to my life.  He has certainly added life to my years.


  • Weight Loss – Marie McDaniel

    After about 4 weeks I lost 8 lbs, I feel so much better; Alternacare has helped me a lot. Dr. Poli is great. Still have a ways to go. Thanks Alternacare.
    Marie McDaniel.


  • Dizziness, Lower Back Pain – Anna Dovey

    For approximately 15 years I had intense dizziness so bad I could not move about. I was awakened by it. Nausea came with it at times. I spent many days in bed or chairs. During these years I sought medical attention, nothing helped. These spells (I call them) were very frequent.
    I discovered Alternate Holistic Health Care and went to them because I had a problem with my lower back. I did not mention the dizziness for I felt there was nothing could be done. Then one day I had an appointment I could not keep for I was again bed ridden dizzy. I took a later appointment and explained why I could not keep the appointment. Dr. Poli gave me some supplements and a back and neck treatment, at that time I was somewhat dizzy after adjustment, I stood up and I felt strange and my dizziness was gone. It has been a long time gone which to me is hard to believe but it’s true and I shall be forever grateful.
    Anna Dovey.



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