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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Sleep and IBS

    My days are sweet now because of being on the Holistic Program here at Alternacare!!! My nights were horrible with getting little if any quality sleep. Usually my sleep patterns were 8 hours each night and to get as little as 2 or 3 hours were making my next day at work HORRIBLE!!! Mean time the IBS constipation was getting worse and my stomach was hurting and staying fluffy because of NOT being able to use the bathroom. Now after the Intestinal Cleanse and Ultra Clear I can feel regular again, and my tummy feels BRAND NEW. This is nothing short of a MIRACLE for me and my LIFE. My whole outlook is SUNNY with so much more ENERGY. I can’t thank Dr. Rob and Dr. Poli enough! Thanks for the MIRACLE.

    Carrie Molleson



  • Brain Fog

    For the past 5 years or so I have become more lethargic, forgetful, fatigued and seem to be walking around in a fog. I even asked my family doctor if I would get Alzheimer’s. I also have a history of kidney stones and was afraid that traditional diets would expose me to many more illnesses that would plague me as I got older. Traditional medicine was only treating me after the stones appeared, they did not look into why I was getting them. I began coming to Alternacare about a month ago and I feel so much better. Though I know I have a ways to go, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am much more productive, less forgetful and clearer headed. As a bonus I’m also losing weight. The program is not hard to follow and the results are well worth any inconvenience. The doctors listen to what you say and care about your success. I’d like to thank all that work at Alternacare for your loving support.

    Juanita Herrera



  • Bloating

    It is a real pleasure to go out to eat with my family and friends. Before I came to Alternacare, I would be sick after eating and had to leave for home. I could not finish a meal, because I would be bloated, then the pain would come.
    Thank you for helping me enjoy my meals!
     I am so happy!



  • I Am Now Off of Thirteen Medications

    I have been coming to this office for three months. I saw the ad in the paper and put it in my pocketbook for six months, until I decided to make an appointment. I was very sick when I first started coming and Pam knows this is the truth!

    In 1998 I was told that I had candidias, so I started on Sporanox. I have been taking it for ten years (What has that done to my liver? WOW!). I have been fighting this for ten years for nothing and have been very upset by it. It was a relief to find out I do not have candidias. I am now off of Sporonox! How great is that!?

            I have been taking four medications to have a bowel movement for years. I am now off of all four of these medications and have normal bowel movements. That has not happened in two to three years. WOW, again!

            The list goes on and on. I am now off of thirteen medications and feel like a teenager with a real life. Thanks to Pam, Dr. Rob and his wonderful staff I feel the BEST I have ever felt in twenty-three years.






  • Weight Loss, Vertigo, Dizziness, Numbness

    When I came to Alternacare, I had several problems, notably vertigo and dizziness. I also had problems with numbness in the forepart of my thighs, on both legs, and numbness in my feet. I was overweight and lethargic.
    Since my treatments here at Alternacare, my Vertigo is nil, and the dizziness is hardly felt anymore. I’m still having some treatments, and expect the dizziness to be completely gone soon. I was not able to stand in the middle of the room and put my pants on without falling over. Neither could I stand very well on one foot. At times the vertigo would cause me to fall forward, or sideways after getting up out of a chair. I would get dizzy if I got up from lying down rapidly. I would get dizzy if I laid on my right side. I could get dizzy turning my head to the right to far, or looking up while turning my head. The dizziness would be so bad at times I would call for someone to help me or to hold me to keep me from falling, or rolling to catch my balance. I have had this problem for several years.
    I now can put my pants on in the middle of the floor, turn my head as far as I want, look up and around, lay on my right side. I have had other treatments for my dizziness before coming to Alternacare. I’m not saying one source is or was any better than the other only the treatments here seem to have had better success that the other. Where as I have been treated for years, I have been treated here for weeks.
    The numbness in my legs and feet are hardly noticed. My legs would bend me over in pain. I seldom have these spells anymore, and when I get one it lasts a lot shorter and is less frequent.
    I have reached the halfway point on my goal to losing weight. I am looking forward to continuing this process till I reach my goal weigh. At this point I have lost around twenty pounds, looking to go another twenty, or a little more.
    My treatment here at Alternacare has been very successful for me.
    Gary Loze



  • No Energy, Hair Loss and Could Not Even Write My Name

    When I started at Alternacare, I was unable to write, even write my own name. I also had no energy and would need an extended nap every afternoon. I was also dealing with moderate to severe hair loss.

    After having treatment for the past two months I am able to write legibly! Naps are a thing of the past, at least the extended ones. My hair dresser has made numerous comments that my hair is getting thicker and healthier. I’m excited to see the results and improvements as I continue treatment.




  • Stomach Discomfort and Indigestion

    Over the past five years I woke up each morning with a burning feeling in my stomach that began the night before. My indigestion was so bad that I was taking medication for it in the morning and in the evening, as well as eating at least four Tums before bed. I structured my eating habits around how bad my stomach was going to feel. I have had stomach issues for years that were diagnosed as IBS. So, I already limited myself on certain foods. When the indigestion flared up, I only ate bland foods and avoided restaurants. My discomfort from my indigestion has increased over the years and became unbearable. The indigestion and upset stomach, coupled with a sudden weight gain and fatigue led me here. I received no answers from my MD and for years I figured I had nothing to lose.

    I am so glad that I decided to come here. I began with a diet change that has made me much healthier and a few supplements. Within a few weeks I began feeling better. My energy has increased and my stomach is much improved. I no longer take Tums and occasionally will take a Prilosec, which hopefully will be ending soon! I am so relieved to not have to worry about how everything I eat will hurt me. This has been a great experience so far and I would recommend it to anyone!.


  • Dialysis, Energy and Headaches

    When I first came to Dr. Debease, I felt all hope and energy level was impossible. I am a dialysis patient and it had taken a toll on me. I had no energy, but since I started Alternacare, my energy level has just improved greatly and I don’t have headaches anymore. So, I would encourage anyone, don’t just settle for and take your medical doctor’s word as the last option. I am not saying don’t see your medical doctor, but seek other options. It works and I am glad I did.



  • Headaches, Leg Pain, Sleep, Back Pain, Weight

    I am very happy because in two weeks of treatments, I no longer have headaches, and my leg pain has gotten better. I am able sleep through the night. I really didn’t believe that I would get better because I have suffered with back pain for years. I feel better, I walk better, and eat better. My leg pain has improved also. I am so impressed. I sent my mother and sister a copy of the newsletter, hoping they will be able to visit such a place in the state of Maryland. I am looking forward to the next progress of my new me. I have also lost weight.



  • Weight, Trouble Sleeping and Hormones

    I have lost ten pounds and one pant size in three weeks on the Liver Enhancement Diet. I also had trouble sleeping before and took Ambien. I am now completely off of Ambien and sleeping better. My hormones are improving as well.




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