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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.


    My digestion system just did not work well.  I could only eat a very small amount of food without experiencing bloting.  For example a sandwich would be my breakfast and lunch.  Also, constipation went along with it.  After coming to Alternacare, my digestion system is working 80% better.  I can now eat a whole meal and be comfortable.  I can’t explain how much better I feel  I can eat foods that did not agree with me before.  I still eat small portions but I feel good when I finish instead of feeling stuffed.

    Yvonne Johnson.



    The main problem that brought me into Alternacare was sinus infections.  These sinus infections made me want to sleep all day and I dreaded going to work.  I was so depressed and didn’t want to do anything that I normally enjoyed doing.  I was even questioning if I should continue working with children because I would get every illness that my students had.

    After coming to Alternacare I haven’t been sick in several months, which is not the norm for me the past few years.  I have lost 10 pounds, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better but best of all I have had no sinus infections.  I have already recommended my friends and family members to Alternacare.

    Karen Luff



  • Weight, Fatigue, Intestinal Issues

    I have been coming to Alternacare since August. I was a wreck! I am 43 years old and I felt 100. I had very bad intestinal problems, exhausted all the time, and a “Weight Watchers” drop out for the 5th time. I came here out of desperation. I was told my Adrenal glands were shot and that was the cause of my problems. My own “regular” doctor told me I was just in need of more exercise. After the following plan was given to me I have lost 40 lbs in 4.5 months! I feel better than ever! I don’t have intestinal discomfort anymore and I’m actually sleeping through the night! I have 40 more lbs to go and I can’t wait!

    Maureen Harbin.


  • HBP, Cholesterol, Acid Reflux

    I have been coming to Dr Rob for 7 weeks.

    I was at a stage in my life when all the exercise and dieting was not working for me.   I could not figure out why I was actually putting on weight, so after reading about Alternacare I decided to give it a try.  I am 54 and have some health issues; high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux.  After being under Dr Rob’s care, I have lost 16lbs.  My cholesterol is down from 244 to 162 (hoping to stop medication soon).  I have learned to eat right and actually enjoy my food.  I am happy to say that I am only 10 lbs off my goal weight and this will be easy to do, because I have all the right tools to achieve it.

    Thank you Dr. Rob and everyone at Alternacare.

    Lynda Histon




  • Weight Loss, Fatigue, Cholesterol

    I had been unable to lose weight even though I was watching my diet carefully and exercising frequently. After coming to Alternacare, I have lost 22 lbs. My cholesterol has dropped from 204 to 163, and my triglycerides have dropped to 54. I was also having problems with sleeplessness, fatigue and mood swings. All of these have disappeared since coming to Alternacare and following the recommendations.

    Carol Braun  



  • Weight Loss & E.D.

    Since starting the program I have started losing weight, my fatigue has decreased and I feel much better after working all day. I do not suffer from anxiety nearly as much as I used to. My problems with E.D. have greatly relieved and in general I feel like a new person.

    Edwin Miller



  • Fatigue & Weight Loss

    Before participating in the Alternacare program, I was always tired, listless, and had no energy at all.  I initially attended the seminar because of the desire to lose weight that would not come off, no matter what I did. Little did I know that I was eating all the wrong foods and my body was unable to process and break down the food properly. After being on the program seven weeks, I have noticed weight loss of 16lbs. energy level has much improved, quality of sleep is rewarding. The nutritional supplements and vitamins have greatly increased quality of daily life

    Anna Miller



  • Weight Gain

    I came to Alternacare after exhausting all other options with my PCP, gastroenterologist, and OB Gyn doctors. My OB Gyn doctor was the only one to suggest that my 30lb. weight gain after gallbladder surgery may be due to stress caused by the pain and the surgery. I have had lab tests followed by a nutritional plan monitored by Dr. Poli, which resulted in 17lbs. lost so far in six weeks.

    I am so thankful for the guidance I have received and looking forward to my continued loss of weight.

    Nancy Felbinger



  • Back Pain & Weight Loss

    When I started this program I was feeling down and in a lot of pain. Since being on the program for about 3 weeks the pain has gone. My energy level has come up so much and I have lost 16 pounds. All of the staff and doctor have been great in helping me to feel my best during this time. I am very happy about that.

    Thanks a lot!

    Betty J Mayo



  • Fatigue, Headaches, Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings & Sleep Problems

    I came to Dr. Poli with fatigue, headaches, weight gain, sugar cravings and sleep problems. I couldn’t sleep through the night and woke up tired everyday and went to bed tired everyday. Generally, I experienced a headache everyday and had excessive cravings for sugar. On top of that, I had gained 25 pounds in less than a year. Basically I didn’t have the energy to do much but make it through my day. I spent many weekends sleeping excessively to catch up on the sleep I had lost, trying to build up my energy.

    After my 3rd visit with Dr. Poli, I have lost 9 pounds and I’m beginning to sleep through the night more frequently. I haven’t had a headache in the last five days and I feel better than I have in years. My sugar cravings are gone too. The Ultra Clear and supplements Dr. Poli gave me seem to really be working.

    My main goal when I came to Alternacare was to get healthy and feel better. My health is already greatly improved and I’m looking forward to getting even healthier.

    The staffs at Alternacare have been awesome to me. They are knowledgeable, professional and very encouraging and supportive!

    Kathy Stephens




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