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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Fatigue, Hair Loss, Insomnia and Emotional Issues Improved!

    The main symptom that brought me to AlternaCare was fatigue. I was also experiencing hair loss, emotional issues, and insomnia. I was extremely tired all the time. I had a difficult time sleeping and was wide awake at night. Everything was difficult. I felt defeated, in that, I could not accomplish daily tasks because I was so tired all the time. Everything took more energy than what I had. I tried dieting, detoxing, and supplements.

    As a patient at AlternaCare, I have more energy. I log my steps, and I’m getting more steps in daily without trying. I sleep better, thus have more energy during the day, and I’m less emotional. – Jan B.



    When I first came to Alternacare I needed to lose weight and address my high blood pressure. Along with these symptoms I was also having problems with sleep, digestion, skin and headaches. I tried prescription medications for blood pressure and over the counter medications such as Advil, but nothing was working for me. At my worst, I was tired all the time, I had no energy to care for my family, I felt bloated and had consistent stomach pain. This caused me to be emotionally drained and have bad PMS symptoms. I was unhappy with my physical appearance and did not like how I felt. I was unable to play and do things with my kids and had low self esteem from the weight gain. I felt terrible.

    After coming to Alternacare I completely changed the way I viewed food……… Because of my treatment here at Alternacare I have lost 65 pounds! I’m off my blood pressure medication! I have more energy to play with my kids! My sleep has improved and I have reduced anxiety!

    Thank you Alternacare!



  • Ear Infections

    Micah Hillman_1.JPG






    My 6-year-old son Micah had been suffering from ear infections and fluid in his ears for most of his life.  He already had one set of ear tubes put in by the time he was two.  When the ear tubes came out, he began having ear infections again.  Even when the infections cleared up he had fluid in his eardrums or eustachian tubes that was affecting his hearing.  When he got ear infections he would never have ear pain, so if he had the slightest sniffle I had to be vigilant and take him to the doctor. He had been on more rounds of antibiotics than I can remember. We had been to the ENT several times and they put my son on steroid nasal sprays to try to improve his condition.  The next step they wanted to take was another surgery, this time to remove his adenoids.  I did not want to go through with this surgery;  I felt that there had to be a less invasive way to get to the root of his problem.

    I am so thankful that I found Alternacare when I did!  The week I brought Micah to Dr. Rob for the first time, we had just been to his regular doctor and he failed the hearing test in his right ear.  Dr. Rob got him on a supplement regimen specifically for his needs, and we had to make some dietary changes.  He also recommended that Micah see Dr. Poli for a few chiropractic adjustments.

    The results have been beyond my expectations!  I have had his ears checked out at his regular doctor several times since we began coming to Alternacare. He is now off all of the nasal sprays and antibiotics, his ears have been fluid free, and he passed the hearing test in both ears.  I tell anybody and everybody who will listen that coming to Alternacare is a decision I am very glad I made.

    Jennifer Hillman.


  • Weight, Sleep, Clarity, Sugar Cravings

    Weight/Sleep/Clarity/Sugar Cravings
    At the end of the year, I was 50 lbs overweight, having chest pains and feeling tired most if the time. Sleeping through the night was a near impossibility and my thoughts were often incoherent and blurry. Digestion was a continuous challenge with constant bloating and abdominal discomfort. After only 3 weeks into this program, my blood pressure dropped significantly and my chest discomfort had nearly ceased. I started losing weight in the 4th week and by the first of March, 2010 I had lost 30 lbs. Within another month my bloating had totally gone away and I started to feel rested in the morning when I would get out of bed. My need for sleep went from 8-9 hours to 6-7 hours a night without feeling “groggy” or grouchy when I would wake up at 6:30 am. My sugar craving on a scale of one to ten was a TEN at the time I began the program. By the fourth month, I could look at Snickers bar and not have to have it or any other sugary food that I used to eat late at night. My “foggy” thinking was moving to a much greater clarity of concentration; no more did I forget where I was in my Sunday morning sermon!
    What a joy after 6 months with Alternacare; I have lost 50 lbs and I feel like a new man having gone from a 44 waist to a 36 pant size. Life is GOOD!
    Pastor Alex M.


  • Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Can’t Sleep

    Ira W.jpg
    For the last 2 years I’ve had problems with my lower back, right hip and sleeping at night. After attending one of the clinic’s workshops I knew that the conventional way of doing things were no longer an option. After my first visit with Dr. Poli, my lower back and right hip felt about the same. It was after the second visit I started to notice slight improvement. Before I had a hard time sleeping, my lower back and right hip would caused me to toss and turn throughout the night and I would only get between 4 to 6 hours of sleep. Now I am able to sleep 7 to 9 hours, my lower back and right hip doesn’t bother me and my physical activity has greatly improved. I feel I’m back on track to take control of my life and not allow those aches and pains to dictate how I function. I suggest to each and everyone to give Alternacare a try. You will not regret the decision.

    Ira White.


  • Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, Sinus Headaches, Sleep, Weight, Intestinal Pain

    I have led a very active life, but for the past 3-4 years I have been slowed drastically by muscle stiffness and soreness. I also had reoccurring sinus headaches and intestinal pain.
    I looked into Alternacare for a holistic approach to healing. And, as my body healed, the symptoms left. I feel so much better. The pain and stiffness is gone. The sinus headaches and intestinal issues are gone. In the healing process, I have lost weight and am sleeping through the night.

    Kathy Berner.




    I was having a very difficult time loosing weight and I was feeling tired all the time. I have always watched what I ate and walked 2-3 miles at least 3 times a week. I couldn’t seem to lose one pound. Finally, I came into Alternacare for help. Dr. Truax got me on the right eating plan after using the Ultra Clear for three weeks. It’s been four months now and I’ve lost 12 lbs. and feel like my ol’ self again. I do thank Alternacare for the help.

    Sherri McGowan.



    My daughter had these bumps forming on her body which were leaving pock marks kind of like you get from chicken pocks. I took her to the pediatrician and they said it was a virus. They gave us some topical cream and said it should be gone in a month or so. It did go away but it came back in another area of her body. So again I took her to the doctor, again they said it should take a month or so just use the cream. Well, after 6 months of this we decided to try Dr. Rob. It wasn’t causing her any problems except it was making permanent marks on her little body. Dr. Rob treated her and no signs of the virus in about 6 weeks maybe a little less. He treated her from inside her body where the virus was and now she is virus free! Maybe we should have started with him first!.



    Marcia told me that you called to check on me and that you were concerned. I truly appreciate the call and even more so, I appreciate the supplements that you gave me. In 12-18 hours, I could feel the difference. Thankfully I did not pass any stones, they came out as powder (crystals) mixed in the urine. I no longer have any pain in my side or abdominal area. Thanks a million. I am so happy to you have as my doctor. Have a great day.

    LCDR Jabal Chase, MPH.



    Dr. Rob

    You are never going to believe this!! I just got a call from my blood doc and my IGG is 873!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I still can’t believe it.  I was stuck at 600 for a year, a few months of detox and diet and my IGG skyrocketed!!





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